Rubik tackles “digital talent shortage” with iGaming Academy partnership

Rubik tackles “digital talent shortage” with iGaming Academy partnership

iGaming Academy has signed a new partnership with UK-based Rubik Talent which will focus on addressing the “digital talent shortage felt across the iGaming industry”.

Through the agreement, Rubik graduate trainees will benefit from an “industry focused iGaming education” before they proceed to full stack software development or data engineering as part of the Rubik Academy.

In a statement, the two companies said: “The iGaming industry is going through mass digitisation and global expansion as a result of modernising legislation and COVID-19. This combined industry and technology-focused training will be the first of its kind in the iGaming industry.”

The partnership reaffirms iGaming Academy and Rubik’s commitment to developing new career opportunities for “underrepresented groups and improving diversity and inclusion across iGaming”.

It follows on from a study carried out by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) which suggested that the iGaming industry has been particularly impacted by a skills shortage.

It revealed that in 2018, there were 781 unfilled positions in the country’s iGaming sector. This figure, the regulator noted, was equivalent to one out of every eight employees.

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