BtoBet launches dedicated content for the African market

BtoBet has launched a new portfolio of dedicated content for the African market focused on sportsbook, virtual sports, novelty bets and casino.

The company’s Chief Marketing Officer Sabrina Soldà said that this new content had been designed to present local players with a more customised and tailored betting experience.

“There is a general misconception that the challenges in Africa from a technological perspective should result in a below par experience for the player,” said Soldà. “This is clearly not the case, as has been demonstrated by BtoBet, where the player is put at the centre of the whole experience.”

The new dimension for sports betting includes offering players an “endless choice” of betting scenarios related to a sports event, such as whether a particular player will be sent off, whether it will rain during a particular match or even if a pitch invasion could occur.

Meanwhile, BtoBet has addressed the increased demand for virtual sports amongst local punters by providing players with unique virtual super leagues, where the local sports teams are put alongside internationally renowned teams.

This concept is, according to Soldà, “not only unique, but also highly customizable and adaptable to include all the different local teams depending on where the partner is operating and what the player preferences are”.

In terms of investment in casino content, Soldà said: “For a long time African players have been presented with content that is inept to deliver a high level of player experience. However, poor user interface and user experience have given way to fun content with light weight technology at its core.

“For example, the advanced technology of our Tiny Roulette provides a crisp graphical experience without the player incurring a big toll on expensive data usage. There are no heavy calculations for the animations to load, with the game itself providing an excellent UI in both vertical and horizontal play, and also seamlessly adaptable to left or right handed play.”

Finally, BtoBet is providing unique novelty bets to its partners, including for a Nigerian partner who requested novelty bets featuring the local elections held during the month of February.

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