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6 of the Best: Rovert Media’s Daniel Shannon

This week’s 6 of the Best comes from Daniel Shannon at Rovert Media. In the latest edition, we hear about an a truly indulgent trip to Mexico, and which album is currently playing in his car!

Best Holiday

The best holiday for me has to be Mexico. When we go, we tend to visit Riviera Cancύn. We always stay in the Sensatori hotels, they have a restaurant called Le Chique, which is listed in the top 50 restaurants in the world!

Best Album

The Black Album from Jay Z is definitely my favourite album – to be totally honest I have wide taste in music!  But if I had to pick a type of music listen to most, it would have to be rap or RnB. This jay z album is still playing in my car right now though!

Best Sporting Experience 

So Liverpool winning the championship league was pretty big and special for me, I watched it with 12 thousand Liverpool fans in Liverpool, the night was pretty epic.  The other big sporting experience for me was Liverpool winning the championship league in 2005, I’m sure you can see a pattern here 🙂 

Best Film

Honestly I love toy story, all the movies are amazing. With me having young kids, and with going to DisneyLand every few years on holiday, nothing beats watching classics such as toy story.

Best Book

By far the best book I’ve ever come in contact with is “ The Key to living the Law of Attraction” by Jack Canfield. This book has truly changed my life, both personally and business wise. It’s something which helps me switch off and focus on things I want to accomplish in my work life and also my personal life.   

Best App 

Best app for me is Instagram, it is something that I’m on far too much each day. It is also really cool to check out amazing holiday destinations and to also check out new restaurants before you go 🙂

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