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6 of the Best – PointsBet’s Seth Young

This week’s 6 of the Best comes from Seth Young, Chief Innovation Officer at PointsBet.

Continue reading to discover which US state almost proved to have a life changing effect during an extended stay, a very easy movie decision and a Major League Baseball love.

Best Holiday

A few years ago my wife and I spent a few weeks in Alaska. I’ll use the word “awesome” to describe the experience. It was beautiful, raw, wild, and provided great perspective on day-to-day life. It was so incredible, in fact, that we genuinely considered dropping everything and taking on a more ‘wayfarer’ lifestyle.

Best Album

Incubus – Science. The first few albums from Incubus were excellent, and then they sort of trailed off. I was introduced to Incubus on mini-disc in 1997 while riding around in a friend’s Pontiac Bonneville. I’m also a big fan of Shinedown and get to their shows as often as I can.

Best Sporting Experience

Any Yankees/Red Sox game, preferably at Yankee Stadium. The atmosphere is always electric. I will admit it’s fun to go to Yankees/Red Sox games at Fenway too, even though I get heckled left and right when I’m adorned in Yankees gear. I lived in Boston for years and love the city.

Best Film

Top Gun, and you’re wrong if you disagree.

Best Book

Shantaram – Gregory David Roberts. It’s an artfully woven story about an Australian outlaw that finds himself on the run in India, and an incredibly romantic account of both his trials and tribulations, and the country itself.

Best Bet

In 2004 when the Red Sox/Yankees played in the ALCS, I made a bet that I would wear a full body, neon pink gorilla suit on my college campus if the Yankees lost. When the Red Sox were the unfortunate victors, my fellow students at Brandeis University were treated to the sight of a large pink gorilla running around campus.

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