Can anyone top Trump? Better Collective’s part in the US presidential race

There’s still seven months to go but the US presidential race is already starting to hot up, as the ever divisive Donald Trump pushes for a second four-year term.

For this month’s Better Collective Spotlight, SBC News looks at the role that the igaming affiliate is playing in providing data via its platform. is best known for offering in-depth information and insights on everything related to betting in the US. The site, however, also offers up-to-speed data on presidential hopefuls’ chances of making it into the Oval Office.

While political betting isn’t permitted in the US, the data from has become a trusted source on all things American politics for a number of global media platforms that utilise the data of the presidential election site for editorial purposes.

Earlier this year, it was used by the Washington Examiner to explain why Michael Bloomberg had surged in popularity despite having not been selected as a Democrat candidate.

Meanwhile, it was also picked up this side of the Atlantic last summer by The Sun, who tracked support for Trump in response to the data giving him a 45.2% chance of re-election.

However it hasn’t been plain sailing for Trump whose handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has, according to some, already scuppered his chances at future leadership. He is perhaps fortunate that there hasn’t been a fixed contender from the Democrat party to challenge him.

The first three months of 2020 offered us a taste into how volatile the Democrat nominations could turn out to be. We’ve seen Michael Bloomberg drop out of the race, Andrew Cuomo put himself forward and even Hillary Clinton stepping up as a potential nominee … again.

At the beginning of 2020, Bernie Sanders looked as though he would become the Democrat Party nominee after rousing the support of the left-leaning generation that felt disassociated with the Trump administration. 

But fast forward to March, and Biden looks to be the party’s pick to contest Trump, particularly given his victories on Super Tuesday. In fact, his quick ascent to Democrat supremacy has ushered in a period of flip-flopping for favouritism in the overall presidential race.

Backed by a number of glowing endorsements from other candidates, Biden’s campaign built up considerable speed to the point where many now consider him as the candidate that could take the presidency from Trump. But as the data tells us, it’s still all to play for. 

On 16 March, former Vice President Biden actually took a slender lead in the race to become President. And on two other occasions, 21 and 23 March respectively, he matched Trump with both given a 45.2% chance. 

Trump’s popularity then spiked again on 28 March, with the President currently hovering around the 49-50% mark to secure a further four years in office. 

There is uncertainty over who will ultimately win one of the most contentious presidential races seen in recent years. But it looks likely to hot up as election day edges closer.

Michael Hageman, US Content Lead at Better Collective, said: “The US presidential election feature on is a good indicator of what the site does; provides valuable information and insights that can be used by all sorts of visitors of the site. 

“Although betting on politics is not permitted in the US, the feature is among others used by journalists from media across the US for editorial purposes to add some extra angles to the presidential election coverage.

“It is a win-win situation, where the journalists can utilize data for the stories on the battle between Trump and Biden, while the brand is broadened.”

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