Better Collective Spotlight: Improving the user experience through personalised content

The launch of the new site has helped Better Collective to increase the user experience through personalised content for its users.

Until recently, Better Collective’s betting-based education and tipster sites relied on more generic content, including emails, broken down by country to serve users with the correct odds in the right language.

However, the “near two-year process” to create a more personalised and relevant user experience – culminating in the new – has brought about a move away from generic communication to automated personalised messages based on location, behaviour and player preferences.

The new site, said the company, is also backed by an “innovative microservice infrastructure that, amongst other benefits, allows to effectively scale the product across US states, while also providing the global tipster community with a more intuitive betting journey”.

This means that the service infrastructure can also be utilised to drive Better Collective’s US business, which amongst others includes a 60 per cent stake in RotoGrinders – the operator of news portals including,,, and

“This adds new opportunities for our business,” explained Better Collective’s Marketing Technology Team Lead Edward Fowler. “Utilising data, we can create a fully integrated and improved user experience with more relevant content across key markets, instead of relying on a more generic content approach.”

Fowler will be delivering a talk on ‘Data-driven Marketing’ as part of next week’s Oracle Modern CX Summit in Stockholm (Tuesday 10 December).

For this month’s Better Collective Spotlight, he gave SBC News a few teasers for the session, designed to track the Better Collective journey towards building the best customer experience.

Fowler said: “I’ll be talking about how we use a combination of cookie data for page tracking, combined with preference data and IP address for location, served as contextual marketing communication from our APIs – such as the most relevant tip in their country.

“Content services basically allow us to convert any content we have on our websites and pull them into email, push notification, in-app and SMS. This opens up the ability to send thousands of different communications each day, each personalized to the individual user, without us actually having to manually build a single one – and while operating within the framework of GDPR compliance.

“We cannot comment on precise numbers, but the increase to engagement on opening and clicks to drive retention to our sites is significant. This results in users being so much more engaged through personalised use of data which we see as us offering increased relevance and value of content for our users.”

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