Motti Colman, Optimove: Taking a higher-level view of an operator’s performance

Customer retention specialist Optimove has launched iGaming Pulse, a new industry benchmark that will empower operators to both understand their strengths and analyse their weaknesses when it comes to marketing products.

We spoke to Motti Colman, the company’s Director of New Business, to find out more.

SBC: How will iGaming Pulse help sports betting operators to optimise marketing actions and gather more knowledge of their customer needs?  

MC: iGaming Pulse is a higher-level view of operators’ own performance when compared to the market. It will identify areas where they are weak in comparison to the industry and will help the marketing teams to focus their efforts on the specific areas that can benefit from increased marketing activity.

SBC: What is the level of non-automation as part of this product? How much training, input and ongoing maintenance is required from the client side?  

MC: iGaming Pulse is a self-serving application that allows the user to filter the data and reports using the various fields that are inbuilt to the product. The tool itself is built without any input from the client.

SBC: How important is it that clients can embrace analysis of both their strengths and weaknesses to make best use of the product?  

MC: Analysis of one’s own position has always been critical, but it is often lacking in perspective without the ability to compare it the market at large. Pulse allows operators to gain a very clear picture of their performance but within the context of the potential.

SBC: Is there a specific target client for the product, in terms of size of company, target countries, scale of operations etc.?  

MC: We have taken data from more than 300 operators spread out in any given country, to create a sample that is very representative of the overall picture. That being the case, there will be value for operators of any size and there should be plenty of insights that can be used regardless of scale.

SBC: Finally, what technology do you expect to be the big breakthrough for customer retention marketing in 2019?  

MC: Optimove has invested heavily over the last three years in Machine Learning algorithms that can optimise the treatment of campaigns down to the micro segment on an automated basis.  

We believe that the future of marketing will emerge via this type of technology that will help the marketer hyper personalise their engagements with their customers, fostering long-lasting player/operator relationships.

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