Alexandru Teodorescu – Oddslife – Who will be this summer’s BetSurvivor?

Oddslife has rolled out BetSurvivor, a last man standing social betting game with a first release designed to find the sharpest predictor at this summer’s FIFA World Cup in Russia.

We caught up with the tech company’s CPO Alexandru Teodorescu to learn more about the origins of the product, how it will be used to convert traffic, and how easy it is for clients to set their own rules and prizes to fit the longer form league football season.

SBC: Why did you choose a ‘last man standing’ theme for this World Cup product?

AT: Last Man Standing is a knockout style competition which, to a certain extent, is similar to the World Cup format. There’s many participants starting and then gradually getting eliminated until you are left with just one winner.

Yet, this is not the typical Last Man Standing format that one may be familiar with from other prediction games. Users have to predict the results of 1-4 matches (based on how many matches in the day), making the game more difficult.

However, this difficulty is countered by both a survival kit mechanic and appealing prize structure, which work together to stimulate friend referrals and ultimately player acquisition.

SBC: How can a product such as this help your clients to retain and convert traffic?

AT: Since acquisition is the main goal of Belgian operator betFIRST, our launch client for this summer’s tournament, we came up with an adjusted format that is geared towards delivering a high volume of players through the use of clever game mechanics.

For instance, staying in the game is intentionally made to be more difficult. However, unlike in the classical Last Man Standing game, users have the option to spring back into action when getting eliminated with the help of game artefacts which they can earn by referring friends. There’s also multiple ways to win and different strategies that can be employed.

SBC: Once the World Cup is finished, how will you realign the product to fit the longer form league football season?

AT: While the first release is tailored for the World Cup tournament, the platform is built with flexibility and scaling in mind, particularly as the betFIRST deal will carry on through the 2018/19 football season and continue to offer users a more enjoyable way to consume football matches from top European leagues.

The version prepared by Oddslife allows clients to set their own games with their own rules and prizes, meaning that they could set up, for example, weekly competitions, those that span the entire season or ad-hoc competitions to capitalise on the popularity of big sports events.

  • If you are interested in more details about Oddslife’s World Cup game and social betting platform, please visit, or contact CPO Alexandru Teodorescu at [email protected]
  • You can also download the presentation here for more information about the product.


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