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6 of the Best – InBet Games’ Natalie Merezhkovskaya

InBet GamesNatalie Merezhkovskaya, Chief Marketing Officer of InBet Games, has stepped up to the 6 of the Best hot seat on SBC News.

Prior to her current employment with InBet, she was in charge of marketing for an international communications agency, which included leading a promotional campaign for Ferrari in France.

Find out which place Merezhkovskaya describes as “Mecca” of the surfing world, and which of her favourite brands also graced one of her favourite movies.

Best Holiday

The best holiday of my life was in Jericoacoara, Brazil. It is truly Mecca of the surfing world. This place offers fascinating views, fantastic surfing spots and a marvellous windsurfing experience. I loved the friendliness of the local people and enjoyed breathing in the true spirit of freedom and exhilaration.

Best Album

I am a big fan of Californian band Red Hot Chili Peppers, and all of their greatest hits such as Under the bridge, Californication and Scar Tissue. By the way, they also appeared in one of my favourite movies – On the crest of the wave.

Best Film

This has to be Samsara. I am particularly fond of this film because it takes you on a journey showing how our life cycle mirrors the rhythm of the planet. The film immerses you into meditation over nature and humanity, and makes you reflect on their interconnection and its impact on our lives. Filmed over five years from sacred grounds to industrial sites across 25 countries, it is unique and fantastic.

Best Sporting Experience

I love windsurfing. There is no other sport quite like it! It is a great combination of gymnastic moves and surfing, requiring strength and agility. Windsurfing wave riding and freestyle in the Jericoacoara, Brazil and Moulay, Morocco were the best I can remember.

There were difficult conditions – strong wind and big waves – but it was the greatest feeling of happiness and freedom. The wind and the waves really revive your spirit and body like nothing else in the world.  It is a thrilling experience to face the challenges of the weather and cut through the waves!

Best Book

I am particularly impressed by Ulysses, which is a modernist novel by Irish writer James Joyce. He offers a unique, revolutionary style of literary realism, and combines it with diversity of narrative techniques. Some chapters are historical; one chapter is narrated in epigrammatic form; another is laid out like a drama. Joyce also manages to convey multiple linguistic as well as psychological points of view.

Best Bet

The first time I visited a casino and made a bet, I was lucky and won on roulette!

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