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6 of the Best – Twin’s Michael Hjelm

Michael HjelmSBC News has reignited its quest to find the best in people, with our ‘6 of the Best’ feature focusing on key personnel within the sports betting and gaming industries.

This week, we wanted to find out more about Michael Hjelm, Casino Manager at Twin. He originally joined the Malta-based operator as Campaign Manager before assuming his current role in February 2018. Prior to working for Twin, Hjelm built up his industry experience at Evoke and Hero Gaming.

Best Holiday

A couple of years ago, I went backpacking in India for a month. It was an amazing experience to travel by train from the north to the south and see the different landscapes and monuments along the way. The jewels of Jaipur, Kanha Tiger Reserve, Taj Mahal, the temples in Tamil Nadu. You just can’t get enough once you have started to explore this colourful country.

Best Album

Nothing will ever beat “Bad” by Michael Jackson. For me, this is when he reached the top and got to reveal some of his darker songs like “Smooth Criminal” and “Leave Me Alone”.

Best Film

That must be “Beyond Borders”. It is a movie that is just as relevant today as it was 15 years ago, and it will probably stay relevant for a long time.

Best Sporting Experience

Barcelona vs. Manchester United on Wembley in 2011. It was my first experience of a Champions League Final, and the atmosphere was amazing. Even though Barcelona dominated the game, the crowd still loved to see this amazing team perform. I think that they had over 20 shots on goal in the first half, compared to three or four from United.

Best Book

“1984” by George Orwell is an amazing novel, and the political ideas in it are just as relevant today after almost 70 years. His creation of the three super-nations, and how he describes every part of the political landscape, makes you think about the world today and where we are heading.

Best Bet

That is, by far, from the Premier League season 2015/16. I wish that i made it in the beginning to 5000/1, but I still got great odds in October when I realised that Leicester were on their way to win. That bet made me follow Premier League like never before, and I made my own calculations of every upcoming game to see the possibility to win.

SBC News will be releasing a new ‘6 of the Best’ profile at 2pm every Thursday.

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