Alessandro Fried – BtoBet – Changes of the bettors

BtoBet ChairmanAlessandro Fried, Chairman for BtoBet, has published a new white paper on the changing habits of bettors and a technological revolution in both daily and gaming life.

The wide-ranging report, which details the evolution of the bettor, the 3D view of the consumer and an increased level of automation in the industry, also questions whether the sports betting sector is fully harnessing the power and accessibility of the mobile.

For example, Fried suggests that more “corrective actions and incentives to dissatisfied players can help maintain players’ loyalty towards the brand”.

He also concedes that because players are now more tech-savvy and becoming ever more demanding, “they are pushing firms towards effective strategies and technology to improve their service, boost player confidence and increase player lifetime values”.

Fried goes on to describe a new reality which requires “continuous development of the omnichannel platform” to enable operators to deliver the right product at the ideal time for every customer.

He said: “The possibility exists now for operators to utilize deep-dive data analytics, automation and personalization of offers while creating meaningful experiences for users through a clever omnichannel platform.

“That will inevitably be a big plus for attracting to a brand and retaining their loyalty. For example, BtoBet’s recommendation engine collects and analyses large amounts of information on players’ behaviour, activities, preferences, predicting what they would like to receive.


“Through its Artificial Intelligence and sophisticated algorithms, it enables operators to track players’ behavior to provide perfect suggestions, for the best odds and bets for each player or segment of players. At the same time, technology is helping licensees to detect any suspicious and fraudulent behavior to instantly check and correct anomalies.”

Fried concludes that the sports betting ecosystem is highly developed and technology has helped provide opportunities to fulfil the wants and needs of the consumer. However, it is fundamental for a software provider such as BtoBet to guarantee a continuous process, with a flow of information, analysis and suggested bets that can be offered to each player regardless of channel.

To download ‘Change for the bettor: New scenarios for betting on sports‘, click HERE.

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