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Element Wave: Data-Driven Trends for iGaming sector in 2017

Betting and gaming brands can look towards innovative uses of technology for huge rewards on mobile over the coming 12 months. Developments across automation, big data and real-time processing have left marketers with a level of flexibility and control like never before. Here, Element Wave looks ahead at how data-driven mobile trends will dominate the iGaming space in 2017.


Automation will empower brands to leverage user-level data to make apps more appealing to players. Instead of generic messages sent to broad player lists, automation gives marketers the option to customise fields with specific data and to individualise messages at-scale.

This gives iGaming brands the power to deliver targeted campaigns across the entire player life-cycle including on-boarding, conversion, and retention. Intelligent automation will fuel marketing teams to deliver better engagement to players in 2017.

Harnessing Big Data

The application of big data will open many doors in 2017. Due to technology advancements, brand owners can capture more data than ever. However, the question arises: can we really use it effectively? On-the-fly messaging can massively boost mobile engagement and turnover, but only when used in the right way, and the qualitative, cumulative use of this data that will reign in 2017.

The iGaming industry will turn to big data for smarter recommendations that are more meaningful for players, leading to loyalty. It is no longer a matter of crossing your fingers and pushing a message about football to all previous football bettors. Big data makes it possible to have a contextually-relevant message waiting for a player on their next session or app use.

Applying qualitative thought to big data delivers a more focused experience for players, significantly reducing churn and building long-term loyalty. The kind of data that iGaming brands will turn to in 2017 includes factoring in odds, stakes and single/multi-bet preferences into their marketing automation campaigns.

Real-Time Data & Messaging

Data is often old, historical. It is still useful, of course, but the opportunity around real-time processing is being able to match players with proposed markets, odds or events based on their needs. This level of real-time interaction will be a game-changer for sports betting and casino brands in the coming year.

Brands should look further than simply optimising send-time, to more granular detail. Operators must seriously start to consider real-time marketing automation to deliver a combination of optimised messages based on user-level data sent at the best possible time send-times.

Mobile, in particular lends itself to the exhilarating nature of live sport. Real-time reactions will be key for mobile iGaming trends in 2017. Marketers will be able to relate and react to players in real-time. Targeting players with prepared messages for real-time events streamlines mobile experiences. It has the added bonus of delivering on retention rates too.

Machine & Predictive Learning

Machine learning is already having a real and visceral effect on mobile across verticals. Leveraging machine learning gives betting and gaming operators the power to analyse and utilise vast databases. It allows brands to make confident predictions on player behaviour.

For example, players are no longer segmented by broad categories such as ‘previously bet on Premier League’. They can be segmented by stake value, long, short or specific odds, day of the week or month to bet. Machine learning will deliver fully-formed and effective marketing campaigns in 2017. Hyper-personalised journeys are often also possible by integrating machine learning technology.


Chatbots are fast becoming the go-to for interaction with customers. A chatbot is a text-based automated system that allows users to interact with a business as a conversation. Usually housed within a messaging app – Facebook’s Messenger is the most famous – chatbots can also be found also within native apps. The use-cases for chatbots within iGaming are centred around customer support and ‘how-to-use the-app’ type information.

Experimental and innovative brands will look at incorporating these in 2017 as a more effective way of dealing with high volumes of customer support queries. A conversational approach lends itself to a lot of user interaction on mobile. It looks like chatbots for iGaming will evolve to a complementary service instead of replacing customer support agents entirely.


Seamless is a word that is used often when it comes to omni-channel or multi-channel. Streamlining player journeys on desktop, mobile web, tablet or native app will be a differentiator for iGaming brands in 2017. Combining geographical data, user behaviour and better functionality between platforms gives your players better brand experiences. iGaming brands must look at reinforcing marketing messages across mobile and desktop as a smooth, coherent experience, not an individualised approach.

Untapped Markets for Mobile

As brands look at other areas for monetisation, attentions turn to untapped markets. India and China, for example, are vast opportunities. Techcrunch has just released information on mobile gaming in Iran. While mobile adoption in Europe is beginning to plateau, in Asia it’s a different story.

A significant rise is still predicted there, with mobile adoption heading to around 2713 million by 2019. Challenges include language and translation and understanding culturally what works in these markets. There are also practical considerations to consider, such as legality and functionality.


Element Wave is a multi-award winning software company specialising in creating next-generation marketing engagement technology and CRM managed services for the iGaming industry.

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