Stuart Tilly: Argyll Entertainment – A US proposition…bringing RedZoneSports to market

Stuart Tilly

Having launched US sports focused betting brand last month, SBC caught up with Argyll Entertainment CEO Stuart Tilly to discuss the challenge of developing a real US sports betting proposition for UK betting consumers.

In an industry lacking product and market diversification, RedZoneSports may be this year’s most interesting new bookmaker proposition…


SBC: Hi Stuart, you have launched RedZoneSports as a US sports specialist bookmaker for UK bookmakers. How does Argyll define a real US sports proposition for UK betting consumers?  

Stuart Tilly: Our company’s mission is to offer themed, entertainment wrapped and reward led gaming destinations targeting a ready made and well established captive audience. With RedZoneSports, our “theme” is US Sports and therefore our aim is to directly target those interested in US sports in the UK and interact with them through a constant stream of relevant, authentic and exclusive content which we hope engages that audience at every stage of their life cycle with us. So for a US sports fan that means bespoke markets and best prices on NFL, basketball and other North American sports. All our promotions, prize competitions and content will be geared towards US sports and US culture more generally, whether that’s tickets to the Superbowl, exclusive invites to Thanksgiving parties or access to audio, video and written content focussing on US sports.

SBC: Prior to the launch of RedZoneSports, what research did your team undertake with regards to US sports trends by UK consumers? 

ST: Well, it certainly helps having a US parent company.

But it’s clear to see the rising popularity of US sports and its following in the UK. We’ve had three sell out NFL games hosted in London this year, with the League hoping to establish a UK franchise by 2022. With TV viewing figures also growing sharply for all the major US sports it’s clear there’s a strong appetite that’s only going to get stronger over time.

SBC: How has the Argyll team, had to define and redevelop its sports betting product in order to meet US sport fan expectations? 

ST: To offer best prices, we had to ensure we had the best trading expertise and we believe in Stephen Baumohl, our Vice President of Trading and previous Head of US Sports at Sporting Index, we’ve got the best man for the job.

For those fans originally from the US and now living in the U.K., interestingly there’s actually an element of education to give reassurance that gambling is a fully legal and regulated form of entertainment in the U.K.

But generally speaking, UK fans of US Sports are fans of all sports so the same marketing techniques are just as applicable. Whatever the genre, we aim to take each brand or theme’s message to an already engaged and passionate audience through directly relevant, authentic and entertaining content.

SBC: Can you detail some insight on running a sportsbook that focuses on very distinct sports; American football, Basketball, Baseball, Ice Hockey etc…how do these unique sports effect your product offering?

ST: From a general platform and product perspective, the fact it’s US sports vs any other sport doesn’t make a huge difference. Our unique differentiators are the prices and range of markets we offer, the high limits we’re willing to extend to all customers and our ability to captivate our audience with an additional layer of relevant content, promotions and rewards.

SBC: As an asset how do you see RedZoneSports developing its product and offerings in the coming months? 

ST: With the NFL season in full swing we’ve focused our initial launch around this. However, we’ll be expanding our market offering to include countless bespoke and custom betting opportunities on all US sports whether that’s the traditional big four, or other sports like Soccer, NASCAR and UFC. We’ll also be looking to expand our games offering to include US sports themed virtuals, fantasy sports and other new and innovative game offerings. We also have an exclusively commissioned US sports podcast airing very soon and we’ll be looking to expand upon that with other content over the coming weeks and months.


Stuart Tilly – CEO – Argyll Entertainment 


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