BOS Sponsor Profile – Tuomas Kanervala – AccuScore

Kanervala AccuScoreAccuScore has been confirmed as the Ice Hockey Tournament Sponsor at Betting on Sports 2016!

AccuScore is a sports simulation company that accurately simulates sporting events prior to their scheduled time. The simulation model uses data for the upcoming match, which includes team composition, weather, location and coaching.

The current licensing and subscription services cover all major US sports and top 10 soccer leagues around the world. They provide game predictions as well as individual player performance projections, that can be used for fantasy sports.

We caught up with CEO Tuomas Kanervala, who spoke about his desire to publicise the AccuScore brand outside of the USA, and plans to explore new European markets during the rest of 2016.

SBC: What do you find most appealing about Betting on Sports?

TK: The level of participants from the right target group makes Betting on Sports worth participating in for AccuScore. As our brand is not the most well known outside of the USA, this is the place where we can meet most of the key stakeholders from the UK market.

SBC: What are you looking forward to being debated in the conference area?

TK: How additional content will help operators to get more action? As bettors have access to huge amount of data and information, it is important that they can find reliable and objective information to support their betting decisions.

SBC: How can the betting industry make itself more appealing to wider sports consumers and stakeholders?

TK: Consumers are more and more interested in new information and behind the scenes content. Betting companies have an exclusive access to information that can generate interest among the group outside of core bettors. Sharing this content would not only generate interest, but also increase the transparency of sports betting.

SBC: Apart from football, what do you think is the most interesting thing to bet on?

TK: Ice Hockey.

SBC: What does the rest of 2016 have in-store for you?

TK: AccuScore will explore new markets in Europe with the redesigned site. We simulate every game in the 10 top football leagues, in addition to all major US sports. It is very interesting to see how customers in Europe will start to use our services.


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