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UKGC outlines fairer and safer gambling strategy

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has set out a new three-year five-point plan, to build on its previous work and help shape a well-regulated gambling market.

With 63% of people having gambled within the last year, the strategy states that “the risks are changing and evolving and the industry needs to move farther and faster to address them. A well-regulated gambling market, one in which consumers can have confidence can also contribute to sustainable business and growth over the longer term.”

The first point highlighted within the new strategy is to ensure customer’s interests are protected, with operators expected to step in to make play safe and protect at-risk consumers.  Tough sanctions are due to imposed to operators, including lotteries, who fail to adhere to these points.

Possible harm to the general public and consumers should also be prevented, this is to be achieved through the increased provision of gambling and its risks, in addition to better controls to manage gambling.

The UKGC has also set out its expectation for more effective and independent arrangements to be put in place, regarding consumer complaints and disputes, therefore raising the overall standard within the gambling market.

Returns to good causes from lotteries are also due to optimised, with regulation to be carried out in such a way that a healthy National Lottery is delivered, as well as planning for a new licence for the competition to be awarded in 2023.

To conclude, an overall improvement on regulation by the UKGC has been outlined.  This is due to cover an improvement into the way it taps into consumer and public issues to inform action, aiding the industry to comply and taking precautionary action where necessary and providing independent and evidenced advice to the Government on gambling and its impacts.

Bill Moyes, Gambling Commission Chair, said: “This is an ambitious strategy to deliver fairer and safer gambling over the next three years. We can only be successful in this by engaging with consumers and by working closely with all our regulatory partners and the industry.

“In the same way that this strategy challenges the industry, we also challenge ourselves, as the regulator, to deliver effective, targeted and innovative regulation.

“At the end of three years, we expect to see an industry that strives continuously to raise their standards, treat customers fairly, and protect vulnerable people.”  

Gambling Commission strategy 2018 – 2021

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