Brazil expects delays as Dilma stalls betting legislation

President Dilma Rousseff

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has stalled the progress of Legislation 671-2015 for the provisions of regulated fixed odds sports betting, citing that law makers needed more time to review its framework and context.

Presented to President Dilma for sanctioned sign off at the start of July, the legislation had been approved for progress by Brazil’s Senate. The legislation would look to revamp the nation’s current gambling framework which allows for wagering on land based lottery, bingo and licensed track racing events.

To date Brazil’s law makers have kept quiet on the context and conditions proposed for fixed odds betting by the legislation. Pro-betting supporters and a number of politicians had pleaded for the inclusion of licensed online sports betting provisions to be attached to the framework.

The slow progress of the legislation continues to divide opinion amongst political circles, the majority of Senate members agree that Brazil does not have any regulatory provisions to combat illegal betting sites targeting its consumers

This week government ministers stated that 671-2015 needed further assessment, in order to protect consumers and to help the government better understand the impact of licensed sports betting on society.

Critics have stated that the Brazilian authorities are not helping themselves or the debate for legalised sports betting by not revealing key information regarding the context of the legislation. Many cite that Dilma had been persuaded to block any attempt at its passing.

Brazilian political analysts have argued that with so many stakeholders interested in licensed sports betting, the country offers difficult conditions in which to set satisfactory laws on the subject matter.

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