Ritz Club faces £2 million High Court challenge over self-exclusion claim

Safa Abdulla Al-Geabury

London casino Ritz Club (London Clubs International) is fighting a £2 million High Court case against billionaire gambling addict Safa Abdulla Al-Geabury with regards to breaching the casino player’s self-exclusion requirements.

Al-Geabury is claiming against the luxury casino operator for losses made between October 2010 – February 2014. Al-Geabury’s counsel states that the player had excluded himself from playing in casinos operated by London Clubs International.

On February 19 2014, the player wrote Ritz Club a cheque for £2 million roulette chips, however it was returned unpaid. Al-Geabury claims that the casino had made a cheque cashing facility available to him, following a conversation with the casinos chief executive.

Al-Geabury who signed the cheque personally, would lose the £2 million in less than two hours, unable to return further credit, the gambler demanded a self-exclusion form which he signed before leaving the casino.

Contesting the casino’s actions, Al-Geabury is counter claiming for £3.4 million or £5.4 million in the event that the judge decides that he is liable on the cheque.

The High Court hearing is due to last five days, psychiatrists are set to evaluate the extent Al-Geabury’s disorder and whether is should have been noticeable to the Club’s staff