Paul Cope – Predict The Six – Debut Season

Paul Cope – Predict The Six

A novel Premiership based football betting game titled Predict The Six  is in its debut season, and things have started well. The football jackpot game is a simple one; a player selects six players they believe will score in a Premiership weekend. It costs just £1 to play and the jackpot is broadcast on the main page, it’s a weekly minimum of £1000 should your six players score, and this figure is normally much higher.

Paul Cope of Predict The Six  talks to  SBCNews about his ventures future plans


SBC: Hi Paul, first things first thanks for talking to SBC! When and how did the idea for Predict The Six arise?

Paul: I used to play a version of the game with friends and after doing some research found that a number of large businesses ran similar competitions with their staff. I had a Eureka moment that this was a simple, easy-to-use game that could be taken online and would appeal to all kinds of people.

While there are major players in the mainstream sector, with new entrants to the market all the time, I thought the industry needed something for people who aren’t expert gamblers but would enjoy a flutter at the weekend.  This site combines aspects of traditional betting, the football pools and the lottery.

SBC: What are you anticipating in terms of player numbers for your debut season?

Paul: This games combines aspects of traditional betting, football pools and the lottery, so the aim is to get to a level that people see it as a genuine alternative for their £1 stake. Picking six goal scorers at least has an element of skill to it as opposed to picking six random numbers. It’s also far easier to do. As this is a new game, it is difficult to accurately anticipate numbers for our debut season – that said we have enjoyed a good start and will certainly be aiming for Champions League qualification!

SBC: In terms of marketing, how have you been spreading the word about the game?

Paul: For the initial launch we targeted mainly football blogs and social media, and we produced some of our own videos on a Youtube channel, which has given us a solid start.  It’s a busy – and noisy – space, so we’re hoping to further amplify our activity following the international break.

SBC: What do you think will attract players to the game, as opposed to them sticking with placing bets with the usual suspects?

Paul: I think the simplicity of it will appeal to a wide range of customers.  Football obviously now appeals to a large, diverse audience, but our research has shown that many of those people still don’t understand mainstream betting sites, whereas this game is suitable for a broad customer base ranging from football and betting beginners, to the pros.  The odds are phenomenal compared with mainstream bookmakers, so that should also help attract players.

For example: players are guaranteed a jackpot of a minimum £1,000 if their six players score. Similar accumulators at a bookmakers (with a mix of strikers and midfielders for example) might only pay out between £50 and £150. This gives us a real edge and the feedback so far has been excellent

SBC: Whilst it’s brand new this season, it’s clearly a game with the potential to branch out. Do you have plans to expand the game and what does the future hold for Predict The Six?

Paul: There is certainly potential to grow the site with further investment, but essentially the focus is on the Premier League and raising the profile of the game amongst football and betting fans. We’ve already got an excellent conversion rate and people tell us they love the game, so it’s about spreading the word as much as possible and creating sustainable growth from a solid platform.


Paul Cope – Predict The Six


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