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A helping hand(over): BMIT Technologies virtual agent finds customer service balance

Finding the right balance between live and automated support for customer service is an ongoing debate in the iGaming industry.

While the process of ‘deflecting’ (to technology) for simple case resolution is now well established, the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) brought new challenges as well as creating opportunities. For example, finding that line where the issue at hand becomes too complex for the AI to handle can be a complex process.

This is where the CX Virtual Agent (CX-VA) from BMIT Technologies comes into play, as operators across the globe search for the tools to enhance customer experience, reduce player churn and improve overall productivity – in many cases against a backdrop of tighter compliance and focus on responsible gaming.

CX-VA is a cost-efficient tool that can take care of a wide range of queries and customer service questions, as well as efficiently handle and execute multiple repetitive queries which, on any normal day, might make up 70% or more of all queries received by a customer support team.

Yet, coupled with the skills to handle requests on your behalf as if it was a human agent, it can also determine when escalation is required – either through an automated process or where a human agent is needed. At this point, the handover is made.

“Providing next generation technology and tools to our customers, which in turn enables them to offer world-class customer experience and engagement to their clients, is our primary goal,” explained BMIT Technologies Business Solutions Advisor Steven Paton (pictured).

Delivering the technology to meet this goal, said Paton, is the result of “many years working with online operators and listening to their most pressing business concerns”.

He added: “Our CX-VA solution is aimed at helping gaming operators to improve their customer support, especially around onboarding, compliance, responsible gaming, account interventions and other critical customer retention areas.”

Paton also confirmed that the BMIT Technologies CX-VA can be integrated with various industry leading customer relationship management (CRM) platforms such as Salesforce, ZenDesk and Freshchat.

You can find out more about CX-VA, as well as all other BMIT Technologies services, at the SBC Summit Barcelona – Digital (8-11 September).

Steven Paton will be joining a panel of experts to discuss ‘Innovations in Artificial Intelligence’ on Wednesday 9 September at 15:00 BST/16:00 CEST.

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