BtoBet CEO on esports betting in South Africa at BiG Summit

Stakeholders from across the wide world of igaming will be meeting in Cape Town this week as the 4th Annual BiG Africa Summit gets underway today. 

Alessandro Fried, BtoBet
Alessandro Fried, BtoBet

Issues such as compliance, responsibilities and the future of the market in South Africa will be discussed.

Another major point of discussion on the table will be esports which continues to garner the attention of major investors, brands, advertisers, and gaming houses worldwide. According to international analysis, it will play a key role in the future of sports betting, with an estimated global wagering market of $23 billion by 2020.

South Africa is quickly catching up to this international trend, and in the near future operators will have the opportunity to discover more about this in Cape Town. In fact at present the South African gaming industry is valued at over R2.6 billion (£152m), with estimations to reach R3.6 billion (£210m) by 2019. Unique Twitch connections from South Africa stand at around 160,000 and over 33,000 people attended rAge -South African Esports Expo in 2015. 

BtoBet’s CEO Alessandro Fried will be delivering a speech about the place of the esports market in South Africa and the related business opportunities. This will be titled ‘eSports: The Next Big Thing?’ and will take place on 25th of October at 12.00 at the Century City Conference Centre & Hotel Cape Town.

Fried commented: “The speaking session will give an insight into the African market, providing indications about eSports consumers in Africa and showing how African traditional bookmakers can attract Millennials and retain bettors through technology and marketing strategies.”

Furthermore, BtoBet’s experts will be giving live demos of the company’s high tech software during BiG Africa Summit, highlighting the possibility of predicting users’ behaviour and players’ actions through a platform based on Artificial Intelligence.