Senet Group calls for industry to help RGSB’s Responsible Gaming study

Wanda Goldwag,

Industry-independent watchdog, The Senet Group has called for gambling stakeholders to back the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board (RGSB), in its efforts to establish a better understanding and overall knowledge of responsible gambling.

Set-up in 2016, the RGSB has proposed a three-year strategy to promote responsibility in gambling and to reduce or mitigate gambling-related harm.

The RGSB’s is intending to publish a draft strategy which will cover findings for the period of 2016 to 2019, and has asked the betting/gambling industry for advice and consultation on helping minimise gambling related risks and harms. Should the strategy prove to be effective, the UK Gambling Commission will utilise RBSB findings and information.

Updating the market Wanda Goldwag, the Chair of the Senet Group, commented on the RGSB’s progress:

“We are pleased that progress is being made against the priorities outlined in the original Strategy, but we agree there is more that can be done by all those working in the sector – especially the agencies with leading roles. We all have our specific parts to play.

“The RGSB flag the importance of evaluation, but evaluation is only helpful if you do something with the findings – not only reflect on what has gone before but also consider how things can be improved. We publish an assessment of our messaging campaigns twice a year and have recently reviewed the self-exclusion service (MOSES) that we facilitate. Although awareness of our messaging has never been higher and the service is having a positive effect for those who use it, we are not complacent. We need to ensure responsible gambling messages are being communicated to the right audiences in the right way.”

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