GambleAware launches ‘pilot’ online campaigns targeting youngsters

Industry charity GambleAware launched its first trial advertising campaign to promote awareness of problem gambling. The online only pilot, which is targeted at people aged 16-24, will be released in the North West and North East of England on YouTube.

Two adverts have been produced for the campaign: online and fruity, each with the purpose of encouraging conversation about problem gambling amongst young people. Recent GambleAware funded research found that while young people are the least likely to gamble, they are the most likely to be problem gamblers. Problem gambling is often dubbed the ‘hidden addiction’ with more than one in five people in the trial region admitting they’re more likely to lie about their gambling habits than drinking alcohol or smoking.

Young people are often difficult to reach, with TV viewing habits amongst 16-24 year olds having dropped by 27% in 2016, an online campaign proved to be the best option to reach the target audience.

Dr Jane Rigbye who is the director of commissioning (treatment and harm minimisation) at GambleAware, and specialises in young people and gambling said:

“Our research shows us that young people are at particular risk of developing problems with controlling their gambling behaviour, making raising awareness of what constitutes problem gambling critical. We’ve worked to create these powerful ads that we hope will reach young people at that crucial crossroad and prompt them to seek help before their gambling habits become problematic.”

As a precursor to the launch of the online campaign, the adverts were shown in a selection of cinemas across the UK prior to screenings of T2 Trainspotting.

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