Spiffx: Premier League punters not ready to end the banker bashing!

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 10.31.01The CBI is suggesting that in the wake of Brexit, the bankers should be taken back off the naughty step and told to get on with producing the goods once again.

In the English Premier League, a similar rehabilitation process is taking place. The wins last weekend for Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea had the ring of familiarity about them – the big beasts of the Premier League marching towards their rightful places in the top four, beating the minnows and the also-rans into submission in the process.

It had the ring of the old days about it, before last season’s upsets. But if that is the case, then the punters are still wary of the good old days of the bankers acca being back for good. Despite the 100% start to the season at the Etihad, according to data from SpiffX favourite-backers have been shying away from believing in Pep Guardiola’s flying start, with those backing Man City to win declining in the first three weeks of the season, down from over 80% in the first match against Sunderland to just over 74.5% for the home game against West Ham, that Man City won rather cosily 3-1.

The lack of confidence is even more marked with Chelsea where despite Antonio Conte winning plaudits for bringing the team back to life at the start of this season, the percentage of bets being placed on them to win declined from 85% for their first game against West Ham down to only 63% for the Burnley game, where again Chelsea won at something of a canter.

The last of our bakers is Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United where again, despite the 100% record so far and the arguably impressive performances on the pitch, the punters are yet to truly believe that he Special One is rally back in the swing as of yet. In the case of the Reds, punters backing United to win fell from over 91% in the first match of the season, against Bournemouth, down to only 64% against Hull.

Admittedly, the match was a close one with United running out 1-0 winners with a stoppage time strike from Marcus Rashford, but it was the mark of the old days of top four dominance that they would win games even when the opposition put up a good defensive effort. So is it time for the punters to weigh in on the bankers?

SpiffX data preview: 

Man City:

13th August 2016

Man City v Sunderland

  • Man City – 80.28%
  • Sunderland – 14.79%
  • Draw – 4.93%

20th August 2016

Stoke v Man City

  • Man City – 77.14%
  • Stoke – 14.29%
  • Draw – 8.57%

28th August 2016

Man City v West Ham

  • Man City – 74.60%
  • West Ham – 12.93%
  • Draw – 12.47%


15th August 2016

Chelsea v West Ham

  • Chelsea – 85.08%
  • West Ham – 8.79%
  • Draw – 6.13%

20th August 2016

Watford v Chelsea

  • Chelsea – 66.05%
  • Watford – 20.37%
  • Draw – 13.58%

27th August 2016

Chelsea v Burnley

  • Chelsea – 63.14%
  • Burnley – 18.43%
  • Draw – 18.43%

Man United:

14th August 2016 

Bournemouth v Man Utd

  • Bournemouth – 4.60%
  • Man Utd – 91.62%
  • Draw – 3.78%

19th August 2016 

Man Utd v Southampton

  • Man Utd – 74.46%
  • Southampton – 11.47%
  • Draw – 14.07%

27th August 2016 

Hull v Man Utd

  • Hull – 12.65%
  • Man Utd – 64.03%
  • Draw – 23.32%

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