LeoVegas offers the chance to spend a penny

Online Sportsbook provider LeoVegas.com has launched an innovative interactive toilet-based ad campaign to celebrate the launch of the 2016 Premier League. The game will challenge men to see how many virtual penalties they can score during Premier League matches while using the urinals at over 60 bars and pubs throughout the UK.

The concept involves the simple installation of a revolutionary interactive media system with a HD screen above any standard urinal. The screens show media content of the venue’s choice, until the urinal is in use, when the LeoVegas game will be activated and controlled by the user’s ‘aim’. The targeted ads are designed to raise awareness of LeoVegas Sport and generate a buzz around the brand. The game screens all feature online leader boards, which will help to create friendly competition among players.

Shenaly Amin, UK Country Manager at LeoVegas, said: “This is a truly innovative and unique ad campaign. It is a completely different and creative way of engaging with our target audience and we expect it will certainly get people talking! Young men in pubs and bars are our ideal target audience, so raising awareness of the brand among this demographic is crucial for us, and will help us to further drive brand advocacy and sign ups.”

The game is currently available in major UK cities including Newcastle, Leeds, London and Nottingham in bars such as Tiger Tiger and Zoo Bar and Club Leicester Square.

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