Betway & bet365 winners of Euro 2016 Final TV coverage


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Detailing insights of sports betting operators’ website trends during the Euro 2016 Final (10 July), broadcast analytics company TVSquared has broken down digital bookmaker activity and coverage during the final match.

Analysing the performance of eight bookmakers during the France Vs Portugal match shown on UK broadcaster ITV1, TVSquared detailed betting activity from the pre-match build up (7-8pm BST) to post match analysis (10.30-11pm BST).

Data sourced from Google Trends by TVSquared shows that Betway advertising heavily outperformed the other companies during the final’s half-time, a crucial match period for bookmakers to promote their services.

Following a 0-0 score during the 90 minutes of game time, the Euro 2016 Final entered extra time, extending the opportunity for betting advertisers to promote their brands.

A poor match was settled by a 109-minute goal from Portuguese substitute Eder. The data showed that bet365 gained the biggest boost during the extra time period.

Outlining different operator advertising strategies, TVSquared detailed that BetVictor marketing had dominated both pre and post show coverage, however, the bookmaker remained relatively low key during the match.

TVSquared Euro 2016 Final – Betting website’s analytics breakdown

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