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Darren Moore: Extra effort needed to promote better class horseracing

bettinggods-DarrenmooreOwner of and horseracing tipster Darren Moore believes that horseracing can do more to appeal to a wider customer base.

SBC: What do you believe horseracing needs to do to appeal to a wider audience?

Darren Moore: The large number of people who work during the week and rarely get the chance to go or watch racing should be given easier access and more opportunities. More should be done to promote the better class racing and move it to a time when a wider audience can benefit.

At the moment Sunday Racing (with the exception of the 1000 Guineas) is pretty low so why not move some of the better races/meetings that are crammed into a Saturday, which already has to compete with a large number of other sports. With the right marketing strategy it would attract a much wider audience including families, generating an interest from younger/future generations.

It works when promoting the Grand National and Derby on TV during peak times so I see no reason why it wouldn’t work with other races.

SBC: Is there a simple solution to bolstering the SP, given the dwindling number of on-course bookmakers, or does there need to be a root and branch review?

DM: With on course trading in decline and more business done online I think a good option is Betfair. The odds on the exchanges especially due to the volume traded gives a far better and much more realistic reflection as to the true SP.

SBC: Does the size of a racing field make a huge amount of difference to a professional tipster?

DM: I think that is a personal choice and I’m sure some specialise in it however having discussed this with several Betting Gods Tipsters it seems there’s an awareness and appreciation of field sizes but a general opinion is that the biggest difference comes down to how competitive a race is.

cheltenham2SBC: Flat verses National Hunt – what’s your preference?

DM: Personally I have a preference for National Hunt, but know that tipsters tend to prefer the flat as the races are easier to assess. I love the fact that National Hunt Racehorses can be around for many years; you see them regularly year in year out; the likes of champions Kauto Star, Desert Orchid, etc whereas the Flat superstars are sent off to stud after very short careers so you don’t build up the same sort of connection or passion for a horse.

SBC: How successful do you think the British Champions Series has been as a spectacle?

To be totally honest I’ve no real thoughts on this but I think that as long as they can keep bringing the best horses from all other the world together I see no reason why it will not be a success long term.

SBC: What can bookmakers do to improve their horseracing betting services?

DM: I think there are a lot of good offers around at the moment; Best Odds Guaranteed is one but to improve I would like to see bookmakers stand bigger and more bets at the odds advertised. I know a number of people being restricted to silly amounts at SP. Bookmakers are quick to accept punters who lose, but they shouldn’t be so quick to lock out winners. Maybe they should monitor the betting patterns of the winners to adjust the odds, or even identify flaws in the odds making process?

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