Darren Moore: Betting Gods provides ‘profitable, reliable and consistent tipsters’

bettinggods-DarrenmooreDarren Moore, founder of tipping website Betting Gods, explains how a focus on quality means that its customers remain happy and its tipsters remain at the top of their game.

SBC: What does the Betting Gods service provide that sets you apart from the competition?
We feel we’re more personal than most of the big tipster networks out there, with a very select group of tipsters. We’ve set an incredibly high bar for the standards we expect from tipsters and this means that our subscribers aren’t bombarded with offer after offer. Many of our competitors are out solely to squeeze people of as much as possible but we’re here to provide a service and that service is to provide profitable, reliable and consistent tipsters to punters both in the UK and across the globe.

SBC: Betting Gods as a brand only launched last year – how has the business been developing?
The Betting Gods brand has been growing and growing and we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved in the last year. We’ve gone from being a small network to becoming a recognisable brand in the industry that sponsors Worcester and Wolverhampton race courses and are soon to become year-round sponsors of Market Rasen and Huntingdon. We also work closely with as many review websites as possible to show we’re honest and open about our results and what we do. This helps to build up trust in our brand.

SBC: How do you work with bookmakers? Is there scope for extending partnerships with the industry?
The truth about bookies and working with them as an affiliate is that they pay commissions based on the profit that your leads generate. That would mean we’d need to be providing rubbish tips to ensure we were making money for the bookies and therefore commissions for us. This completely contradicts our existence and it’s why we don’t promote any bookies. Many of our competitors know that their tipsters won’t stand the test of time and promote bookies on a regular basis to diversify their income streams for when their tips fail. We don’t expect our tips to fail in the long run so have no need to bring in a back up income stream.

bettinggodsadvert-racingSBC: What’s your most popular sport on the site? Do you have a different strategy for promoting each sport?
Horse racing is by far our most popular sport with over 60% of our tipsters focussing on horse racing. In the UK, horse racing bets account for around 45% of all bets placed so it’s only right that we focus predominantly on the sport. Having said that, we are always looking to branch out and if there’s a need for a tipster in a particular sport then we’d look to fill it.

SBC: What are your plans for the rest of the year?
Keep ploughing on! We’ve had a few bumps along the way this year but that hasn’t deterred us from pushing forward and has only made us more hungry to become and maintain our position as the number 1 tipster network on the internet. We plan to keep looking out for tipsters who meet our high standards to join our network. We plan to expand our branding efforts across racing locations in the UK. We plan to continue growing our fan bases on Facebook and Twitter. And we plan to continue on the same path that we’re currently on.

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