ANJ issues technical commands on French gambling

l’Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ), France’s unified gambling regulator has published a full breakdown of technical requirements and data obligations which licensed operators must register with the authority. 

The ANJ issued its ‘technical command’ on licensed operators having taken control of the regulatory supervision of French online gambling, retail betting, horse racing and lotteries.

The document details the technical requirements by gambling vertical (sports betting, lottery, poker and horse betting) which must be secured by licensed incumbents.

Furthermore, the ANJ provides a full breakdown of compliance procedures that operators must adopt while handling customers including – tracking of player accounts, checking of payment thresholds, confirmation of identity, cross-referencing address and further references.

With regards to its data policy, the ANJ has established a new framework of ‘requirements to archive material’ as a legal and regulatory obligation.

Operators must ensure that they follow the ANJ’s ‘architectural and functional’ requirements related to data collection, monitoring, security, storage and administrative rights.

The ANJ provides a detailed breakdown of all data variables by gambling discipline that must be stored and safeguarded by licensees.

Sports betting data requirements deem that operators must ensure ‘periodic information’ on player bet type, sport, event and final outcome. In addition, all sportsbook incumbents must keep historic information of customers winning bets and bet cancellations.   

As a further market control, operators must guarantee that ‘ANJ agents’ can be granted ‘remote access’ to data across all verticals as a licensee duty.

ANJ market controls and technical requirements have been forwarded to the European Council for competitive approval, with the regulatory authority informing French incumbents of changes at a general meeting on 21 January.

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