Graphyte aims for Netflix personalisation by launching ‘Intelligent Layouts’

Damien Evans -Graphyte

Betting real-time personalisation and engineering studio Graphyte has announced the launch of its latest product ‘Intelligent Layouts’, an innovation delivering operators’ complete personalised customer engagements across their web and app portfolios.

Launching Intelligent Layouts, Graphyte aims to arm incumbents with ‘Netflix style personalisation‘ functions tailored for diverse player sports and market preferences sought after by betting customers.

In its development, Intelligent Layouts aims to create an ‘entirely unique’ player layout experience customising mobile and desktop verticals with hyper-personalised navigations and menus, featuring intelligent sports category indexing.

Damien Evans, co-founder of Graphyte, explained: “When we started Graphyte, our mission was to create the technology to change the one-size-fits-all model so prevalent in betting and gaming, to a one-size-fits-one model that seems so natural and obvious in other sectors like e-commerce. With Intelligent Layouts, we’ve built the capability for every operator to make the experience unique for every one of their customers.

Beyond personalisation dynamics, Graphyte detailed that Intelligent Layouts will better support industry marketing, retention and compliance teams, with the component attached to betting content systems and backend platforms utilising machine-learning frameworks to feedback optimal information and deeper player profiles on browsing engagements.

“The flexibility of Intelligent Layouts ensures that operators can control the level of dynamic content, and can choose to fix curated content on events, new games and banners, whilst personalising the remainder of the experience,” he added.

“As an operator, you’ll know that every part of your site is tuned to the preferences of each player – all updated and managed in real-time. As a player, the experience is transformed, the games and product categories you like to play (or those that you are very likely to enjoy) are always front-and-centre, and it doesn’t stop there: promotions you might have missed, new game launches and events and price boosts in sports can all be brought to the fore with Intelligent Layouts. It’s incredibly powerful and the early results we’ve seen from operator trials have been extraordinary.

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