Simon Lidzén: Fast Track – Reshaping CRM as a responsibility discipline

 As social responsibility and sustainability drive the industry’s operational agenda, how should betting incumbents restructure CRM as a core operator discipline?

Simon Lidzén Co-Founder and CEO FAST TRACK, a technology seeking to disrupt standard  CRM industry practices, details to SBC that current frameworks will not safeguard betting from its present and future challenges in engaging consumers safely…


SBC: Fast Track seeks to disrupt standard industry CRM practices. What is your technology exactly bringing to the online betting market?

 Simon Lidzén (CEO Fast Track Solutions): We build technology to make all your customer data actionable, with the goal of achieving true automation and efficiency throughout your organisation. From a CRM perspective, this allows you to target the player at the right moment, with a relevant offer, in the most receptive channel.

In a nutshell: the operator uses FAST TRACK CRM as a central platform to orchestrate all surrounding systems. Our platform uses a real-time data feed and can orchestrate actions through the gaming platform, reward system, site, internal support and external communication channels.

We bundle these capabilities with a truly optimised user-interface which is very efficient to work with. It’s built to tackle regulatory challenges, localisation and quality assurance in a single click: removing the most time-consuming tasks.

This allows the operator to digitalise and automate throughout the organisation.

SBC: Where are industry stakeholders blindsided by current CRM structures, and how you developed FT to overcome these shortcomings? 

SL: The operational and regulatory challenges we face every day in iGaming are very different from what you see in other industries, especially e-commerce, from which other, more simple CRM tools originate. FAST TRACK has developed FAST TRACK CRM specifically for the iGaming industry. We have not tried to fit a square peg into a circular hole; it has been whole-heartedly built for purpose.

We know that in order to be successful: 1) You need to work with real-time data. In 2020 we cannot just act on what happened yesterday; we sell entertainment, and to be successful we need to be there in the very moment. 2) No more lists, it is not scalable. Automation is a must and you can only automate if you have the ability to orchestrate all parts of an activity from one place. E.g. if you send an Email and SMS from one service but credit bonuses from another you will still have to move a list of players between the two systems to run a campaign. And 3) Efficiency, the tool needs to be shaped in such a way that you can efficiently tackle regulatory requirements, localisation and testing.

FT CRM is the only platform built specifically for iGaming. This is why our partners are so successful.

SBC: As a former industry executive, what have you taken away from recent operator penalties with regards to customer marketing.. To what extent have these incidents been a result of deficient CRM practices?

SL: What I have taken away is how important it is to be on point and that mistakes can be very costly. You need the right technology and diligent processes to safe-guard you from making mistakes, and this is very difficult to achieve if your operations and CRM require a lot of manual interaction and / or multiple systems.

Learning from our own experiences, we have built a platform designed specifically to tackle regulatory challenges, with player data always up to date, that also allows you to work with the communication service providers of your choice.

I am glad that we can provide a solution on which operators feel safe and confident executing their CRM activities.

SBC: Leading FT you are developing data-led tech and operators place a high emphasis on Responsibility. From a leadership perspective, how does this dynamic influence the development and output of product and customer services?

SL: Data-led decisions have always been at the core of what we do. We believe in providing the operator with a foundation of know-how, actionable reports and predictive models to help identify the right moment to engage, and to use this as a foundation to build a highly efficient, yet responsible CRM strategy. Our platform identifies what the customer is likely to do next, providing commercial opportunities and, just as importantly, letting you know when it’s time to pull back and take action on unhealthy player behaviours.

SBC: Furthermore, how do FT CRM capabilities help operators enhance further disciplines such as management, operations and customer services? 

SL: There are massive opportunities in this area that should not be forgotten! We integrate with support systems such as Slack, Zendesk, JIRA and customer control panels. In some cases these channels are used to notify internal teams about an event, in others to keep an audit trail of what has been sent to a customer, and even for raising internal tickets to investigate situations. This is a massive value add for our users.

SBC: Can you detail any further insight on FT future developments and innovations?

SL: We will continue to invest in bringing even more operators and providers together. There are a large number of service providers with great domain knowledge and services that operators wish to have access to. We understand the struggle of getting these new integrations prioritised in tech backlogs, and we want to provide the bridge to make these services more accessible. By making our platform accessible for third party developers we can make this happen. This aside, we are continuing to evolve our UX for efficiency, and data science for better decision-making.


Simon Lidzén Co-Founder and CEO FAST TRACK

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