‘True in-play personalisation’ – Graphyte AI founders seek to crack betting’s toughest nut

Damien Evans – Graphyte AI

New industry data science and engineering development studio ‘Graphyte AI’ seeks to solve online betting’s ‘in-play customer personalisation conundrum’,  a key dynamic for sector leaders in 2019.

Graphyte AI is founded by the enterprise team of former Ladbrokes Coral sports data and customer insights directors’ Damien Evans (CEO) and Rob Davis (CTO), delivering relevant personalised experiences administered within betting’s live environment, optimising end-to-end customer engagement.

In its corporate mandate, Graphyte AI states that the sheer complexity and volume of sports betting transaction undertaken within a live in-play context has rendered standard off-the-shelf solutions created for E-commerce unfit for betting personalisation purposes.

“As a former marketing analytics director, I noticed that the capability to solve for personalisation in an industry as fast-paced and complex as Gambling didn’t exist. I was determined to fix this when I left the operator last year” Graphyte AI Chief Executive Damien Evans tells SBC.

Heading into 2019, Graphyte AI’s founding team highlights the combined pressure placed on industry marketing, product and retention teams to develop further personalised brand experiences.

Rob Davis – Graphyte AI

Focusing on integration, CTO Rob Davis believes that in 2019, industry technology stakeholders have to enhance analytics and business Intelligence systems/frameworks to effectively support multiple day-to-day operational divisions/units.

“We recognise the pressures that operators face with their technology stacks, often working with large 3rd party monolithic applications that are difficult to integrate with and not built for real-time data usage. Our platform has been built from the ground up to suit the unique data requirements of the industry and always with performance and stability in mind.” Rob Davis details on Graphyte AI foundations.

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