Robin Reed: GiG – Stockholm new boy will match the sector’s active opportunities

Robin Reed Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) has detailed his firm’s strategic vision and future strategy to new investors, as GIG prepares to end 2019 by listing as a new Stockholm Nasdaq enterprise.

Founded six years ago in Oslo, Reed details that GiG’s enterprise founding team have been led by the mission of delivering ‘digital transformation’ to the igaming industry by providing systems and platforms able to match the scale and regulatory demands facing sector incumbents.

Since GiG’s inception, little has changed in Reed’s mandate, who still maintains that delivering on long-term success is a simple formula of matching, ‘the sector’s attractiveness with a valued proposition for its stakeholders’.

“At GiG, we have invested significant time, energy and resources into developing our strategic intent and position. I am here today to share it with you… GIG is the full-service provider for every company that is serious about our business”.

In 2018, Reed leads one of the sector’s fastest growing enterprises, which has expanded its operations to 750 staff, working across Malta, Spain, Gibraltar, Denmark, Norway, and now in the US.

Nevertheless, Reed underlines that GiG’s growth has been achieved with a responsibility to its customers and players. Leading the soon to be listed Stockholm enterprise, Reed emphasizes that a new ‘active opportunity’ is envisioned through compliance and fair-play.

Tackling a subject matter that has troubled and blindsided the industry in 2018, Reed reverts to GIG’s founding principles of ‘matching opportunities’.

“This has to be a bold and scary vision, but at GiG, we want to open-up igaming making it fun and fair for all. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a platform that will have a stake in every fair online bet”.

Reed states that for GiG, its mandate on compliance and fair-play should not be heard as an easy rhetoric. Building its network capacities GiG governance aims to create a comprehensive database of player engagements and transactions across its B2C and B2B verticals.

GiG’s leader underlines that for 2019 and beyond, the sector needs a technology firm that can service new values testing the sector’s value chain dynamics.

“By providing services across the entire value chain, we can reach the operators, suppliers, marketers, marketing partners, developers and end-users. In theory, this should be an achievable goal”.

“It’s taken six years to get GiG into this unique market position. All verticals have been created, all solutions have been sold, and the Company’s position in the industry is strengthening daily.”

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