Andorra confirms review of controversial casino tender

The executive of the Principality of Andorra has confirmed that it will require a month to review the complaint placed by European gambling operators against the issuing of the nation’s sole casino license to regional enterprise Jacs SA.

Yesterday, Antoni Marti first minister of Andorra confirmed that the casino tender complaint put forward by European operators – Casinos Austria, Genting Group, Partouche France and Grupo CIRSA would be reviewed by Andorra’s governance, which needed a month to reevaluate the tender’s processes.

The gambling operators have cited a number of ‘grave tender indiscretions’, which they believed favoured regional firm Jacs SA, which won Andorra’s sole casino license with a €10 million bid

Issuing their complaint, the European gambling groups detail that bid judges had knowingly overlooked Jacs SA capacity to service mandatory resources and operational requisites, required by the casino tender process.

Furthermore, key tender stakeholder Xavier Bardina a counsellor for Andorra’s Gaming Control Board (CRAJ) has been accused directly interfering in the selection process.