BHA warns of Brexit No Deal impacts on Racing infrastructure

Ross Hamilton – BHA

Speaking on BBC Radio 5Live’sWake Up to Money Podcast’ (26 August 2018), Ross Hamilton, Corporate Affairs Manager for the British Horseracing Association (BHA), has warned that a No Deal Brexit could have a significant impact on UK racing’s operating structure.

Of particular concern to the BHA, will be the ‘cross-country transportation of thoroughbreds’ currently conducted through the ‘Tripartite Agreement’ system in place for the UK, Ireland and France.

“What is very important for horse racing and breeding stakeholders, is to be able to move thoroughbreds’ quickly, not just for economic purposes, but for animal welfare reasons too. At present, these processes are streamlined by the ‘Tripartite Agreement’ which has been in place since the 1960s” Hamilton details to the BBC.

The BHA is concerned that a No Deal scenario may force the UK to depart the Tripartite Agreement, which has been written into EU laws and currently services circa ‘20,000 thoroughbred transportations per year’ between the UK and Ireland.

BHA governance has stated to the UK government, that importance of remaining a Tripartite member, further outlining that the European directive carries the highest standard of animal welfare during transportations.

Hamilton details that BHA governance has been engaging closely with DEFRA and DCMS departments, with regards to the implications of a No Deal Brexit, with stakeholders preferring to maintain ‘the status quo as far as possible after Brexit’.


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