Paddy Power prices down ‘Referendum Part Deux’!

Paddy Power

The UK government’s struggle to finalise terms on a 2019 Brexit arrangement, has seen Paddy Power Politics price down its odds on a ‘Second UK-EU Referendum’.

Updating its UK political markets, Paddy Power now rates the chances of a second referendum before April 1st 2019 at 9/4 slashing down its previous odds from 3/1.

This week the EU’s Chief Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier stated that member states would reject PM Theresa May’s White Paper presenting the UK stance on a future EU customs arrangement.

Whilst at home, May faces a Conservative Party divide relating to EU-exit negotiations and Brexit red-lines.

Furthermore, with just eight months of exit negotiations left, the heads of UK industry and enterprise are adding pressure on May to deliver clarity on the terms of the UK’s leaving the European Union.

“If that second referendum were granted – presumably with some kind of terms of exit outlined – Paddy Power make Remain the overwhelming favourite to succeed (1/7) with Leave the rank outsiders (4/1). Though we’ve heard that before.” details the Irish bookmaker!

Spokesman Paddy Power said: “After more than two years of careful negotiation and strategising, the best thing achieved by the Brexit process has been to remove David Cameron and Boris Johnson from positions of power.

“With virtually no opposition, the Prime Minister has been able to dilly-dally and perform a prompt change of hearts regularly – so why wouldn’t she produce an EU-turn now?

“Such indecision should’ve been clear the moment she took charge, though. Because… Theresa May but, then again, Theresa May not.”

Paddy Power – Brexit Specials        

1/2      No Deal to be reached by Brexit deadline
10/11    A Tory leadership contest to take place in 2018
9/4         A second EU membership referendum to be held before the Brexit deadline
5/2         The UK to apply to re-join the EU by 2027
10/3       A General Election to be held this year

 Second Referendum Results 
1/7         Remain
4/1         Leave

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