Better Collective Spotlight – CasinoVerdiener – Building an affiliate legacy

Karoline Hall

In the first of a new series – ‘Better Collective Spotlight’, SBC breaks down the marketing portals of leading industry affiliate publisher Better Collective.

2018 has been a marquee year for Better Collective’s enterprise, which has seen the company IPO on the Stockholm Nasdaq.

SBC speaks to Lead Content Editor Karoline Hall on developing Better Collective’s first proposition, German-language casino review portal CasinoVerdiener, which would kick start Better Collective’s unique journey.


SBC: Can you explain to our readers why the name CasinoVerdiener came to be?

Karoline Hall: Our first brand that came to be was CasinoVerdiener: This was 16 years back, while Christian Kirk Rasmussen and Jesper Søgaard took a gap year together in Berlin after finishing their education.

Back then, they were bonus hunters themselves – strolling through online casinos and making use of their bonus offers to cash out winnings quickly. “Verdiener” is German for earner–and because they wanted to share their knowledge with other players, and teach them how they could also earn those winnings, CasinoVerdiener was born.

SBC: Why did a Danish founded company choose the German audience for its first foray into the market?

KH: There may have been other factors involved, but one reason was certainly the legal situation concerning online gambling in Germany versus the legal situation in Denmark back in 2002. Furthermore, Christian and Jesper were living and working in Berlin at the time.

SBC: What are the biggest ways in which the affiliate scene has changed since the CasinoVerdiener launch in 2002?

KH: The quality of online casinos and bookmakers has improved greatly since then – transparency, fairness and usability play a much bigger role now than they did back then. At the time same, as mentioned before, the terms and conditions that players have to comply with in order to play with bonus offers have become a lot more complicated.

This stresses the importance of websites like CasinoVerdiener, to inform, help and support online players. With the increasing number of competitors and legal restrictions, and with Google’s algorithm becoming smarter and smarter, there is also a lot more pressure on affiliates to provide relevant and high-quality content.

SBC: How much of what you learned from CasinoVerdiener guides your strategy for new brands to the Better Collective portfolio?

KH: Quality, transparency and authenticity are essential – to build up and retain most importantly the users’ but also Google’s trust, requires continuous work and attention to detail, but it’s a necessity for a product’s long-term growth and success.

Additionally, we know through the user-driven forums on CasinoVerdiender that user-generated content is a big factor in creating a trustworthy community. When you have casino players being advised by other experienced players, they are more likely to engage with the site.


Karoline Hall – Editor – Better Collective – CasinoVerdiener

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