MGA seeks to overhaul Malta Gambling Framework

Updating industry stakeholders, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has published a white paper proposing a number of reforms to its national Gaming Legal Framework.

The MGA wants to overhaul and repeal all its existing legislation, by streamlining provisions under a ‘Singular primary Act of Parliament’ entitled the Gaming Act.

Moving forward the MGA would act as ‘the single regulator’ for the gaming/betting sector covering subsidiary legislation, business regulation, industry guidelines and directives.

Issuing a corporate statement, MGA governance detailed “The proposed regulatory framework empowers the MGA to be agiler in its decision-making, and decreasing unnecessary regulatory burdens which are not conducive to the regulatory objectives, whilst concurrently strengthening supervision and focusing the regulator’s efforts on the areas which present a higher risk profile.”

The MGA believes that by streamlining its national gaming framework, the body will continue to be the ’best-in-class’ regulator for industry operators.  Presenting its white paper the MGA has put forward the following proposal for ‘changing its framework’:

The MGA has opened a feedback forum for  contributions/concerns  from interested parties may be sent by email at [email protected]

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