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Laurent Reysbosch

Continuing SBC’s London Baby Ice Breaker series, Laurent Reysbosch Senior Vice President of iGaming at HiPay, details to readers what industry trends and agenda will dominate debate and discussion in 2017

A London Baby sponsor, HiPay are a global payment provider processing more than €2 billon annually across 150 countries and 220 payment type. The firm sets itself apart in the saturated online payments sector by harnessing data analytics which helps deliver valuable customer insights which enable HiPay clients’ businesses to significantly more effective within their chosen sectors.


What new service or product will HiPay be bringing to market in 2017?

Laurent Reysbosch: Here’s what we are planning:

  • Implementing local payment methods and industry standards ones to answers iGaming needs and offer the best deposit experience on every type of device. The launch of our Omni-channel payments solutions (A Payment-Bridge between Online and Land-based Casino’s/Betting shops)
  • The launch of our Omni-channel payments solutions, which forms  a payment-bridge between online and land-based Casino’s/Betting shops)
  • We’ll go further regarding payments analytics and insights to higher operators’ conversion rate, detect fraud behaviours and help operators to calculate direct return on marketing and communication investment.

SBC: What do you think will be the industry buzzword this year and why?

LR: 2017’s industry buzzword will continue to be data and mobile,  this surely has to be the trend for some time,  regarding new markets on offer to consumers, I eSport can be considered as another trendy buzzword.

SBC:  Which new technology, service or consumer trend will have the biggest impact on the igaming industry this year?

LR: In my opinion, Millennials will drive the market’s trends, and their mobile and social expectations are huge. Their engagement, tech–oriented mind creativity will surely have an impact on iGaming industry, and things will move quickly thanks to them and in their way.

SBC: Why have you chosen to begin 2017 by sponsoring the London Baby Party?

LR: The Human contact is essential for the HiPay IGaming Team. Then every networking event is interesting as it helps to understand customers’ needs in a friendly atmosphere and then come back to them with a custom-made approach.

SBC: Finally, where can people expect to find you at ICE?

LR: The whole team will walk around at ICE so, the main bar will be sort of an HQ for us. To meet our team, simply email us at [email protected] or call us, then you’ll meet people behind deposit.


Laurent Reysbosch – Senior VP iGaming – HiPay

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