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Demographic segmentation limited for customer analysis

Duncan Keene, managing director of ContentSquare’s UK operation, believes that operators can get much more out of their data if they deal with it a little more smartly.

ContentSquare is an online user-journey specialist which recently started working with PMU in France helping the company with pain points in aspects of its registration process and Keene believes that the gambling industry is potentially missing a trick when using merely conventional analytics.

He explained: “Conventional analytics give operators a solid picture of what is happening on their websites: how many visitors are visiting certain pages, clicking or tapping on certain offers, or dropping out before purchasing.

“However, these established tools don’t go far enough in explaining why users are behaving the way they do – why did this particular offer drive a 30% increase in conversion rate? Why did that change to website layout cause a slight drop in a certain type of game or bet? Newer forms of analytics, such as user experience analytics, can supplement conventional analytics by providing these additional layers of insight. Rather than segmenting by demographic details, such as country or estimated age group, operators should be segmenting by customer behaviour and user types – it’s the on-site behaviour that really matters.

“We see too many operators failing to take into account these different behavioural segments. Gaming operators need the tools at their disposal to be able to distinguish between these different user types quickly and easily, and manage their different customer journeys to make the most of each and every visit they receive.”

Keene explained that the firm’s work with the PMU’s registration forms provided it with some real challenges. “As gambling is a highly regulated industry, operators must ask for lots of information from their users, and this can create real UX headaches, especially given creating an account is such a key milestone in converting anonymous users to paying customers.

“Using our platform, PMU was able to capture a wider variety of user behaviours than it had before, such as mouse movements, hovering, and repeat clicks. This information was then visualised to help isolate specific pain points. Using ContentSquare, PMU was able to increase successful registrations by 12% by modifying key aspects of their form.

“We’re currently in talks with a number of gambling companies about their analytics needs. We’re finding there is a real hunger for an end-to-end solution which gathers, analyses and visualises all on-site user behaviour. Our unique insight into why customers behave the way they do through easy-to-use visual tools, simply put, empowers entire teams to make use of online data which ultimately saves everyone time, enabling them to make better decisions faster.”

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