Paddy Power Betfair deploys Balabit monitoring system across entire organisation

Vasile Dorca

Seeking to further protect its customer data and ensure optimal regulatory compliance Paddy Power Betfair (PPB) has announced that it will integrate digital security firm Balabit’sShell Control Box (SCB)’ system.

The SCB system will allow PPB to better monitor ongoing development of its platforms, ensuring that customer data is protected. Balabit solution provides comprehensive session recording to provide full assurance that all developers’ activities are monitored, accountable and traceable.

Balabit’s monitoring solutions had been previously used by Betfair before the operator’s merger with Paddy Power. Seeking a cost-effective and scalable solution for its new merged enterprise, PPB development chose to deploy Balabit systems across its entire organisation.

The Balabit solution audits access to its Linux servers as well as to some Windows systems. Users can connect to the production servers only through SCB and after they are granted access to the server, SCB monitors, and records all their activities in a tamper-proof way.

Vasile Dorca, Head of Security Compliance and Assurance at Paddy Power Betfair commented on the extended partnership

“We were really impressed with the quality and features available within Shell Control Box; it fulfilled all the important criteria we had in terms of a fast implementation, easy configuration, reliable logging and transparency for users.“

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