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Alexandre Tomic

Alexandre Tomic Co-Founder and CEO of online casino operator ALEA, details to SBC readers how his brand SlotsMillion maintains a portfolio of over 1,000 slots.  Managing one of the fastest growing European online casino brands, Tomic sheds insight on his firm’s approach to efficient partner selection for content and selective market strategy  for future growth. 


SBC: SlotsMillion now has over 1,000 slots. How do you aid navigation of all these titles?

Alexandre Tomic: As it stands right now, we have over 1,200 slots. Users can navigate these using our filter, where games are ranked regarding the theme, software providers, pay-lines, features and type of slot. We are planning to update the filter soon, with a new version being released in a few weeks which will allow users to sort games according to more precise features, such as types of wilds or an autospin feature.

We are also working on a recommendation engine, which we are hoping to release by the end of the year. Using this engine, we would like to be able to recommend games to players through more advanced methods, such as, for example, the way the slot returns the money, the hit frequency, the max bet and win, and the slot variance, which we consider to be the true essence of gambling.

SBC: What makes Pragmatic Play’s titles worthy of inclusion?

AT: Pragmatic Play was established in 2015 and their games, like SlotsMillion itself, are built with innovation in mind. So far they have more than 150 casino games and 80 mobile games, which makes them one of the fastest growing providers of online casino games. Their staff have years of experience in the industry and are dedicated to providing their players with the best possible experience, which is why we consider them such a great fit for SlotsMillion, as that’s our goal as well – innovation is always at the forefront of our minds, in everything we do and everything we offer.

Pragmatic Play’s games are engaging and exciting, with unique features. Slots like 7 Monkeys, Orbital Mining and Aladdin’s Treasure are cool and intuitive, and we look forward to integrating more Pragmatic Play games in the future.

SBC: What plans does SlotsMillion have for the UK market?

AT: We are currently targeting several new markets, including the UK. The licensing process has been in progress for a while now, and we’re hoping to have it by the end of the year. We are also looking into becoming licensed in Portugal, Denmark and Romania as well as our current main markets.

Once we get the UK license, we are planning to create a new VR casino, which should hopefully be live in February next year. By then we should start seeing the beginnings of an increase in growth for the VR consumer base, and we’re going to address the UK market with our new VR casino.

SBC: This year has seen many gaming sites launch sports book to aid acquisition. Is this a route that you might take in the future?

AT: We are definitely interested in sports betting. It’s one of the areas we’re looking to implement, but it’s unlikely to happen until the second half of next year because our focus at the moment is on VR. We do believe in it, though – we think that both VR and 360° live videos will be huge in sports, as was evident during Euro 2016 for every game that was broadcasted from England. Articles such as this one discuss how the Nokia OZO is hoping to allow armchair viewers to enjoy sports games as though they were really there, by experiencing the atmosphere through virtual reality and the UEFA is considering creating a YouTube channel to share game footage with those who cannot attend the games in person.

This is why we want to get into sports – firstly because it would be a great acquisition channel, but also because as VR becomes more and more prominent, it’s going to become a really important part of the day to day sport, and vice versa. There’s going to be a real synergy between VR and sport, and we want to be around


Alexandre Tomic – Co-Founder & CEO – ALEA Digital

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