BOFCON 2016 – Is the betting industry doing enough in the fight against corruption?


BOFCON afternoon schedule begins with a panel discussion on the betting industry’s ongoing fight against corruption and match-fixing.

Presenting a diverse panel, Suzanne Davies (Director of Clifton Davies Consultancy) outlines the level of multi-stakeholder cooperation needed to undertake any effective fight on the matter.

Davies introduces a panel representing the diverse actors/organisations needed in the battle against match-fixing and wider sports corruption;

Nick Tofiluk Executive Director, Regulatory Operations for the UKGC (regulator), Eric Konings Sports Betting Integrity Officer at Unibet (bookmaker) and Matt Drew Director of integrity for Perform Group (data supplier).

SBC Session Notes:

  • Nick Tofiluk begins the session outlining that speed and data processing are key to the fight against sports corruption and in the prosecuting of match fixers. However, Tofiluk notes this to be a hard practice to undertake as multiple stakeholders need to cooperate together in order to bring successful prosecutions. Tofiluk details the level of data sharing needed between all stakeholders in order to successfully prosecuteTofiluk details the level of data sharing needed between all stakeholders in order to successfully prosecute match fixing rings, noting that conditions/frameworks may not be conducive to speed.
  • Eric Konings states that tackling match-fixing has become a core agenda for bookmakers. Konings believes that progress has been made as leading bookmakers and their governances believe that fighting match-fixing and corruption to be a key part of gaining further consumer trust, a key industry benefit for future growth and performance.Konings highlights Unibet’s efforts in educating athletes and sport stakeholders in detection of corruption and raising awareness of potential match fixing.
  • Speaking on behalf of data suppliers Matt Drew, states that dialogue and strategies need to be improved and optimised in order to be more effective. Drew backs Tofiluk stating that speed and data are key.However, Drew points out that stakeholders are hindered by not knowing what data is crucial in combatting individual cases of sports corruption and furthermore what information each stakeholders needs to proceed with.Drew states that dialogue is improving through direct cooperation between organisations, sporting bodies with data suppliers. Drew points out that this is a key asset at staying ahead of corruption as new consumer technologies develop, which may be used by match-fixers to take advantage of a sports.

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