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Michal Palecek

As the two industries’ of gaming and betting merge ever closer, one company based in the Czech Republic are taking advantage of this situation by focussing their efforts on a particularly niche area of these aligning markets.

Gamblified recently released Dead Trigger 2: eSports Tournament in alliance with Cashplay. This is a gamblified version of the popular Zombie shooter game, and it’s available now across platforms. Team SBC caught up with one of the company’s co-founders, and CEO, Michal Palecek, to discuss all things gambling and gaming. 


SBC: Thanks for talking to us Michal. Firstly, could you please give our readers a brief description of what it is that Gamblified does?

Michal: Sure. We are adding betting features to already well-known games. This means, in essence, that say you are playing the original version of one of our enhanced games, now you can place bets that you’ll complete a level successfully, win a race, shoot an enemy etc. The games are against a casino and are going to be released in casinos soon.

The partnership with Cashplay however is about something slightly different; which is making tournaments featuring real cash prizes. In these tournaments you are competing against other, real players. Each player places a bet, and the winner receives the pool.

SBC: Why do you think such a inevitably popular idea has not become a hit before now? Assumedly there are serious complications involved in providing a betting feature to such games?

Michal: In the past, there were some legal issues and market needs were different. Nowadays, the casino customers want something different than classic slot games. And yes, you’re right, there are lots of complications. The math behind this idea is completely different from the one in slot machines, and it’s exceedingly difficult to invent the right algorithm for each game.

There are also other really big barriers to entry too but we do not wish to reveal them!

SBC: How did the idea for Gamblified come about?

Michal: Me and the second co-founder Jiri were unable to find girlfriends so we founded a company instead, which is, after all, pretty similar. The idea of the core business emerged from our backgrounds as Jiri was developing the slot machine system in a successful company, and I was a math guy.

We knew the industry well and were aware of market needs.

SBC: The recent partnership with Cashplay produced Dead Trigger 2: eSports tournament. How do you decide which are the best games to gamblified?

Michal: It depends. Some games are more suitable than the others from different points of view. I cannot give more information since this is also part of the company know-how.

The Dead Trigger 2 is probably the best zombie shooter in the world to date and playing it for real money gives you an enormous amount of adrenaline. We wanted this game in our portfolio, and so we’re delighted we achieved this goal.

SBC: What has proven the most popular release to date? And what others are there in the pipeline?

Michal: Dead Trigger 2 eSports Tournament is our first release but we’ve developed four games that we will launch soon. You can see all of them on our website in the portfolio section.

We will also supply Cashplay with all our games in the tournament (player vs. player) version. Currently, we’re dealing with some popular game developers about the contract. I’m unable to go into specifics at this point, but the original games all have hundreds of millions downloads.

SBC: What are your expansion plans for the rest of 2015, and beyond?

Michal: We are dealing with the some of the most popular online casinos which want us to provide them with our games. We’ll be exhibiting our games onto a completely new interactive tables in the Scientific Games (Bally Tech) booth at the G2E show in Las Vegas this summer.

We are also in talks about getting onto the Las Vegas casino floors, with our games in both the terminals and interactive tables. One other exciting prospect is that next month, we’re launching our games in the Gamestec terminals in UK. With some of our games, we’ll be entering the Carnival cruise liners market.


Michal Palecek – CEO – Gamblified 


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