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This week team Bet Advisor and SBC caught up with Australia horse racing tipster Ed Sullivan who has achieved a betting yield of +15%. Ed Sullivan talks to Bet Advisor and SBC about his passion for horse racing and sports betting, being four months in consistent profit Sullivan has become a tipster to follow in Bet Advisor’s stables.

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SBC: How did you first get into sports betting?  

ES: My family have been heavily involved with Thoroughbred Racing here in Australia for generations including my great uncle Nick Bodkin who was a leviathan punter and “off course” or SP bookmaker well before any Corporate Bookmakers were ever allowed to exist down here. My father also was heavily involved and you could say that it was “in my blood” to go on and continue the family business.

As soon as I had put together a sufficient bank of money I sought and obtained my License to be an On Course Bookmaker here in Australia.

SBC: At what point did you realize that you can make some real money from sports betting?

ES: Naturally this realization came at a very young age as I could see the large sums of money that had been accumulated by Uncle Nick – as we all called him – but was also aware at a very young age that you have to also have all the information available to you to ensure you make the correct selections.

SBC: How did you come to select Horse Racing as your chosen sport?

ES: I played Rugby League at school when I was young – and as I grew older I did have bets with my mates on the outcomes of top level league games – but generally the best odds that you could get was not much greater than even money or 2/1 if you were lucky whereas in horse racing it was not uncommon to be able to get 20/1 or greater about your investment – so to me it was an easy decision to continue the family involvement in thoroughbred racing.

SBC: Are there any particular events that you look forward to throughout the year?

ES: It is always most exciting when the top quality horses are racing and where from time to time Champions arise and shine through to be far superior then the rest of the pack! These races occur during the various Carnivals held from season to season – the Autumn , Winter and Summer Carnivals are good but definitely the highlight of the year here in Australia is the Spring Carnival which commences in September down here and reaches its peak on the first Tuesday in November when virtually the whole population of Australia stops as one to focus on the “race that stops a nation” – The Melbourne Cup! This race is arguably the worlds’ greatest staying race held over 3200m at the magnificent Flemington Racecourse. Last year it was won by the German stayer Protectionist who blitzed the very strong international field by 4 lengths and if he remains sound and contests this years’ Cup I would think he will be very hard to beat again!

SBC: What was your best ever bet?

ES: Over the years there have been many great bets but one that does particularly come to mind was the 1996 Melbourne Cup. In the pre-post market favoritism was being fought out between the Australian champion Saintly and the UK import Oscar Schindler. After analyzing the big 22 horse field closely I came to the conclusion that Saintly was a “ good thing” and that the import Oscar Schindler would not handle the firm surface of Flemington and the faster tempo that our distance races are run at and was extremely doubtful that it could figure anywhere in the placings. As far as the rest of the field – I thought that there were several long shots that had strong place chances and decided that this race looked to be a very good trifecta opportunity and potential for a big result! Saintly was around 7/2 in the market ( $4.50 ) so as well as backing him for a win I decided to have him as a standout to win with the rest of the field boxed to come 2nd or 3rd  in the trifecta and with the 22 horse field that investment cost me $420.

History shows that Saintly won easily – the 40/1 Count Chivas ran 2nd and the 200/1 bolter of the field Skybeau ran 3rd and the trifecta paid an astonishing $38,000 and change for my $420 investment!

SBC: What kind of factors do you evaluate before making a selection?

ES: There is an enormous amount of preparation that goes into any final selection that is made. To obtain my advantage I firstly do my own ratings on every relevant Australian or Hong Kong race and maintain a database which gives me the relative athletic ability of all the horses involved in any race quantified to a precise rating figure which clearly tells me how many lengths better or worse each of the competitors are. From this data I then make the adjustments for all the other variables – the weight carried, the jockey, the barrier, the distance, the track, the weather etc until finally I have a set of ratings from which I then frame my own market assessment of the chances of each horse in the race.

SBC:What has been the biggest influence on your betting career?

ES: Apart from the influence from my family involvement in my early years as an On Course Bookmaker I was fortunate enough to meet the legendary Australian Horse Racing guru Don Scott who wrote several books on thoroughbred analysis including “Winning”, “Winning Ways” and “Winning More”.

I became very close with the family and was for a period engaged to his daughter Annie. Don was the expert of his era and he taught me not only the factors about form analysis outlined in his books, but also several other crucial factors which he chose to keep to himself. His mentoring has enabled me to fine tune his methods and to improve them with the abundance of real time information we now have available at our fingertips via the internet and provide extremely accurate pricing and selections of thoroughbred racing today!

SBC:Do you have any future plans in regards to your service?

ES: I am currently covering Australian thoroughbred racing for BetAdvisor but I am also an expert in Hong Kong Racing and when races from there are available I would also love to offer those selections to the customer base. I am also very competitive by nature and relish the opportunity to be number 1 on The BetAdvisor Platform by providing the highest yielding profits to my clients.

 SBC: What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your betting career?

ES: The biggest challenge has undoubtedly been the massive increase in the amount of races that are now available for investment on the racing calendar – so much so that it is now possible to place bets on a 24/7 basis on a global scale. Here in Australia and neighboring New Zealand races are being run from around 10.00am  and continue on many days right up to around 10.00pm or 11.00pm which of course increases your workload in maintaining an accurate database on all relevant races!

SBC: How do you balance your betting time and family life?

ES: As I just mentioned with races being run 7 days per week it can become a difficult equation but I generally try to do most of my betting on our main race days which are Wednesdays – Thursdays – Saturdays & Sundays. I then use the Mondays & Tuesdays to catch up with the ratings from the previous weekends’ races and the Fridays to prepare for the upcoming weekend races – so it does not leave you much time to relax – but as they say “ life wasn’t meant to be easy!”

  SBC: How do you organize your bank management?

ES: This really depends on the type of bets you are doing – but generally I have always adopted a very conservative approach and would recommend that you only outlay 0.033% of your bank on any individual bet – this will ensure you can withstand any run of outs without damaging your bank to any real detriment!

  SBC: What is the best reason you could give to anyone who was thinking about following your service?

ES: That answer is very simple – To Make Money! I have fine-tuned my form analysis methods during nearly 30 years in the business and am extremely confident based on my year in year out record that anyone who subscribes to my selections will achieve a very high yielding Profit on Turnover from their investments on my Winners Of Oz selections!


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