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Bet Advisor Tipster of the Week is  horse racing expert Alec Pearce who SBCNews featured last week. However the Bet Advisor tipster stable has such depth that it can cover any sports betting market. This week we have focused on highlighting basketball tipping as a new NBA season gets under way. So If you want some solid and sound betting advice on the NBA there is only one website to come to –

Senior Tipster of the Week: Alec Pearce

Only four tips from Horse racing expert Alex Pearce this week, but with high odds and 3/4 bets winning, he amassed a mightily impressive return. From his four tips he recorded 1200 units of profit! Max stake of 100 units on each bet means that his yield last week was a staggering 300%, a number that is pretty much unheard of. Some horse racing tipsters like to give lots of plays every day, after all, with so many races going on across the world, it’s easy to find events to bet on. Serious punters though, know that this isn’t the best way to make a profit on the horses. Alec Pearce bets when he is confident, when he KNOWS there is an error in the odds – this skill has seen him and his clients make a lot of profit recently, so maybe it’s time to consider adding him to your betting portfolio?

Featured Tipster of the week: Shane Sports NBA

The features tipster of the week 100% has to go to Shane Sports. Great returns for him and his increasing number of client son Bet Advisor. We’ve been impressed with him for months, and now everyone can see his great results on our site which is very pleasing. With a yield of around 34% since he’s been with us, you can begin to understand exactly what all of the hype was about. 884 units profit from conservative stakes and relatively few tips so far show that the future is bright for Shane and his clients. With several months of action still to go in the NBA, now could be a great time to follow his actions. If you’re still not sure, at least check out his results every day (NBA has a busy schedule so he has tips most evenings), but don’t hesitate too long or you risk missing out!

Junior Tipster of the Week: Ferdinando Palladio

Without a doubt, this man has a great future with sports betting. Still technically a junior tipster at Bet Advisor, Ferdinando has the whole package to become a very successful senior tipster. An NBA expert, last week he managed to win his last NINE straight picks which gave him and his clients more than 500 units of profit. Hot streaks typically come and go, but this guy is bucking the trend by showing impressive profits week on week. More than 1,400 units of profit now and a yield of 13% shows that this guy is here to stay. As he is still a junior (in name only), you can pick him up for €29/month, which is genuinely incredible value. Worth tracking or adding to your betting portfolio sooner rather than later!

One to watch: Expert Tipster NBA

Even after a slight stutter and some ‘against the grain’ results, this guy has proven that he is worth his name. Expert Tipster is an NBA expert, his picks are solid and this is backed up by his impressive levels of profit. A yield of 11%+ and more than 1000 units already since taking the decision to join the Bet Advisor platform. Something useful to know about this guy is the fact that he isn’t exclusive to NBA. His knowledge is transferable to many other leagues, including those in Europe – a nice little addition to the very well covered NBA. As his record grows on Bet Advisor, so will his client base, it’s inevitable. If you can get a consistent yield of over 10% over time, you really know your stuff – and this guy really knows his stuff. Keep your eye on this one, as we expect him to push himself higher and higher up the Bet Advisor rankings!

 Bet Advisor Form Table Week 12

        Last 7 Days Last 6 months
Rank Tipster Category Sport Profit Yield Tips Win Rate Profitable Months
1 Alec Pearce Senior Horse Racing 700.00 233.33% 3 66.67% 4/5
2 Shane Sports NBA Featured Basketball 665.00 72.28% 21 85.71% 2/2
3 Ferdinando Palladio Junior Basketball 590.30 35.56% 18 77.78% 2/3
4 Christopher Silenos Senior Football 456.00 108.57% 7 71.43% 5/6
5 Andrei Nitu Senior Basketball 399.00 36.27% 11 63.64% 4/5
6 Jeremy Price Senior Football 340.00 37.78% 9 55.56% 5/6
7 Leon Topolski Tennis Junior Tennis 320.40 72.82% 5 80.00% 3/3
8 Expert Tipster B’ball Featured Basketball 235.00 11.19% 21 57.14% 2/2
9 Bruce Duval Junior Football 220.80 29.05% 12 58.33% 3/3
10 Arie Hordman Senior Ice Hockey 192.00 32.00% 6 66.67% 5/6


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