Greentube ventures into ‘uncharted territory’ with HERO esports acquisition
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Greentube ventures into ‘uncharted territory’ with HERO esports acquisition

Greentube has made its first foray into the esports and blockchain space after acquiring HERO, in an agreement which will diversify the NOVOMATIC Interactive division’s portfolio.

The HERO esports platform enables players ‘to challenge other enthusiasts without the interference of bookmakers setting the odds’. 

Celebrating the acquisition, Michael Bauer, CFO/CGO at Greentube, said: “At Greentube, we aim to hold a leading position when it comes to adopting new trends and technology, and with HERO’s unique products, we have acquired an innovative and exciting business that will see us move into uncharted territory. 

“The esports and blockchain space offers a lot of possibilities for the gaming sector and will open up new doors for us as a company. We are excited to explore the possibilities that lie ahead together with HERO.”

Players using the HERO platform can bet against one another using the supplier’s proprietary virtual token, HEROcoin, which is said to ensure ‘that all transactions are transparent and secure’. 

“Our objective has always been to change the nature of online betting and bring innovation and new technology into the sector by offering something completely different,” explained Paul Polterauer, CEO at HERO. 

“Our products challenge the old concept that the house always wins and instead let users build a community that better benefits them. Being acquired by such a renowned company as Greentube is a huge testament to the hard work we have put into developing and evolving our products. Together with Greentube, we will be able to reach new heights.”

Through the acquisition, Greentube will also gain access to HERO’s pooling, betting, fantasy, and poker system. 

Philip Peinsold, CTO at HERO, concluded: “Our HEROnetwork was created to challenge the conditions and lack of transparency and trust that we see with traditional betting systems today. 

“Through our blockchain technology, we have succeeded in our objective to revolutionise the betting market and to bring back the social element with the peer-to-peer approach. 

“Greentube shares our vision to innovate the industry, and we are thrilled to now join forces. Together, we will continue to evolve our products and offer players something different.”


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