Joshi returns with ‘Football Survivor’ the betting app for generation TikTok

Social betting app ‘Football Survivor’ has been launched, bringing the fan favourite ‘killer – last man standing’ game to football pools.

The mobile app has been developed by social media entrepreneur Olly Joshi, the former founder of betting community and YouTube football channel ‘WantMyBet.

Football Survivor is a straightforward football pools knockout game that sees players pick one team to win in a single Premier League gameweek, with correct selections proceeding to the next matchday and incorrect picks eliminated.

Players can only pick a team once, so must be strategic in their selections in order to become that last man standing and win their league’s prize pot of entry fees.

Launching Football Survivor, Joshi states that he seeks to bring an ‘office classic into the digital space’, making it easier for players to participate but also providing a platform for new communities of Last Man Standing pool leagues.

Though Football Survivor’s format may appear somewhat simplistic, Joshi believes it to be the game’s most appealing dynamic in which the app seeks to engage with fresh football audiences on social media apps such as Whatsapp and TikTok.

Olly Joshi – Football Survivor

Game simplicity is therefore noted as the key element in engaging with younger audiences, where Joshi underlines that an ‘instant one pick, one reaction format is vital to driving app engagement’.

“The football betting sector is heavily saturated with game mechanics that haven’t seen a great amount of innovation for a long time,  and will be unappealing to Gen-Z consumers,” Joshi tells SBC.

“Football Survivor is offering a fresh reactive take on Football betting. We’re taking betting back to basics with one pick, strategy lead, quick and easy to play game. In doing so we hope to bring down barriers to entry and appeal to a wider football fan audiences.”

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