‘Provably Fair’ CSGOEmpire winning skins integrity battle

‘Fair skin betting operator’ CSGOEmpire has launched a new ‘match betting’ product to complement its popular roulette game.

Launched in 2016, CSGOEmpire seeks to lead the esports market in relation to ‘skin wagering’ dynamics, a controversial element of esports which sees players compete to win virtual goods or currencies (referred to as skins) that hold no material value.

In its mission statement, CSGOEmpire underlines that it will lead the ‘responsible gaming movement for skin players’.

Since its launch, CSGOEmpire details that it has secured more than 2 million active customers engaging with its platform.

Supporting its enterprise mandate, CSGOEmpire has taken the lead in ‘player first’ policy with its ‘Provably Fairsystem that uses proprietary built software to ensure players maintain fair play standards.

These fair play elements can be witnessed with CSGOEmpire roulette spin product, where ‘each result has been generated before players have placed their bet.

The operator states that, unlike competitor platforms, pre-determined results published offer customers transparency of results making every game ‘Provably Fair’.

Backing the launch of its new match betting product, CSGOEmpire’s leadership team have taken further steps to mitigate responsibility and fair play concerns, such as ‘naming and shaming’ scammers and demanding all operators integrate a fair system of their own so players know that they’re not betting on a fixed wheel.

A spokesman for CSGOEmpire said: “CSGOEmpire’s entire business is built on fairness and transparency and as leaders in the field, it’s important that we took a stand where game integrity was concerned. We’ll continue to push all skin betting sites to operate a ‘Provably Fair’ system of their own to clean up the industry and move away from the bad reputation it has at present.”

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