How land based casinos can seize upon esports

Ask not what esports can offer Las Vegas, ask what they can offer each offer. ChrisGrove

With casinos looking for a way to attract a younger tech savvy generation, many are looking to esports as a way to achieve this end.

Some casinos have organised tournaments, the Downtown Grand for example has been a key player for some time, but the potential is far more vast and could be done on a far greater scale.

Nauroscope is hosting a conference aimed at bridging the gap between esports and casinos in Las Vegas this October 25-26.

A formidable list of speakers includes Nick Allen, Director of Esports at Twitch, Unikrn CEO Rahul Sood, Co-CEO of Team Liquid Steve Arhancet and Tobias Sherman Global Head of Esports, ‎WME | IMG amongst many more.

Attendees will learn how to tweak the casino experience to cater specifically to esports fans, the numerous differences across fan demographics of the various major esports titles, which are the best fit for a casino environment and how to bring it to a casino floor.

There’ll also be talks on introducing esports to a sportsbook, the potential of virtual reality in gambling and esports, regulatory discussions and more.

There have long been rumbling that many Vegas casinos and investors are looking for a way to tie esports in with the Strip. The demographic of the ‘typical esports fan’ is one which will have casino owners salivating after all and discovering a way to best tap into this market could prove invaluable.

One of the partners at Narus Advisors, Chris Grove, said of the conference: “Our goal at Esports & Casino Resorts is to provide the gambling industry with a practical framework for identifying and evaluating those entry points today.”

You can head over to the Nauroscope event site to find out more about the Esports & Casino Resorts conference at the SLS in Vegas this autumn.

Any questions can be directed to Chris Grove via [email protected].

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