Gfinity launches tournament app on Xbox One

Late last week the Gfinity app went live on the Xbox One store.

The free tournament builder app will allow Xbox players to create and manage their own cups, leagues, ladders and competitions from their console. It’s a significant boost for the UK esports scene, and will have the added bonus of raising the profile of Gfinity’s own LAN tournaments at its Fulham Broadway Vue venue.

There are also official tournaments on games including FIFA 16, Rocket League, Halo and Call of Duty. The app will facilitate anybody with a Gfinity account, which are free of charge, to build and invite players to a tournament meaning the options for competitions amongst friends or some downtime at the office are now notably more interesting.

You can watch a detailed how to build your own tournament tutorial video below:

An exclusive $2,000 (£1500) Rocket League tournament was launched on Friday to celebrate the app going live for players in North America and Europe.

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